Everything on this website including the content on the FAQ is for entertainment purposes only.

Is this website legal?

Yes, this is for entertainment purposes only. We live in a country where freedom of speech is widely accepted. There are many music, movies, literature, and TV shows on this subject, if this is not legal they wouldn’t be doing it. This website teaches people how the underworld operates and gives them a glimpse into this world, same as in the music and various entertainment industries.

Isn’t what you’re doing bad?

No, our very own government is selling drugs so why can’t the common people. Drugs will always be in the equation of the global agenda as long as the current elite hold the power. As long as the Western influence hold the power and showcases drugs through the media, people will continue to use.

Check out this article. Meth use actually increased when the Hit TV Show: Breaking Bad began to air. The Mainstream Media needs to take responsibility for what they show on the air. See no evil. Hear no evil. And there is no evil. If we could change what the mainstream media would show, we definitely would but that is an impossibility for now.

We argue that this content will save many more lives than if this book didn’t exist. There are many books that focus on the addicts but there is none that focuses on the dealer. We’re fixing the equation from the other side of the fence.

What are you trying to do here?

We are trying to shift the drug dealer’s mentality to a more positive state. We want to teach them ethics in a world where ethics does not exist. We want to show them that they have a bright future outside of the game. We want them to set goals so that they know when to quit. We want to teach them the proper way of doing things and to know the difference between right and wrong. We don’t condone any bad behavior such as robbing people, killing people in public, and tormenting the public. This should be an underground business and should operate quietly in the backgrounds of society.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to get the dealers to go legit. We need these entrepreneurs to enter the legit world so that they can make a real impact on our world. There is a lot of untapped potential that these people hold and with the current way that they are doing things, they either end up dead or end up in jail. We want to reverse that trend.

Isn’t selling drugs dangerous?

It could be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’re here to teach people so that it takes away some of that risk. The learning curve is so steep in this industry and that is why people get killed or go to jail. The top people keep the knowledge to themselves so the knowledge doesn’t get passed on to the other dealers. We believe that education is power and that it can empower individuals to do good.

Are there risks involved in selling drugs?

Yes. In order to get what you want, you’ll have to risk your life for it. With the amount of money that’s involved, the risk may be justifiable.

What if you convince innocent youth to commit crime?

If they already have an interest in it, they’ll commit crime regardless. That is the way of life, people learn through experience and it may be a part of their life’s destiny. If they can’t find a way, they’ll definitely find a way to do it. By reading this book, they will have a much better chance of making it in the real world. This book is a benefit to all of humanity.

Does your business system work anywhere in the world?

Yes. Our system is proven to work in any country and in any environment.