Donald Trump and His Drug Laws


Donald Trump has spoken and it’s gonna affect some of our US partners. He’s focusing on making tougher laws on drug dealers, and for the big fish, he’s even considering the death sentence. This isn’t pretty because the US is a good market, it’s a prime destination for our drugs, plus the US currency is the basis of our international trade.

This is what Donald Trump had to say:

“If we don’t get tough on the drug dealers, we are wasting our time and that toughness includes the death penalty.”

“This is about winning a very, very tough problem and if we don’t get very tough on these dealers, it is not going to happen, folks.”

“Dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetime but won’t be punished for the carnage they cause. The big pushers, the ones who are really killing people.”

“Maybe our country is not ready for the death penalty and I can understand it, although personally I can’t understand that.”

“The best way to beat the drug crisis is to keep people from getting hooked in the first place. This has been something I have been strongly in favor of, spending a lot of money on great commercials showing how bad it is.”

With Trump’s focus on drugs, they’re going to up the penalties for all US dealers. This raises our concern on the terms of loyalty because sometimes we can’t trust our US partners. The US has the highest amount of rats due to the tough sentencing laws, if they make the laws even tougher, it may cause some more people to crack, which means more rats. We will definitely need to add a couple more layers so that we can insulate ourselves from the streets.

Trump is very focused on the opioid epidemic so it may be wise to stay out of that market. Once he implements the laws, the first couple of dealers to get caught will be held as examples so expect some very harsh penalties for them. Lets see what happens and go with the flow. As he implements the new laws, it we will be posted on this website.

Trump’s broader plan will focus on a few key areas: law enforcement and interdiction, prevention and education, and rehab. Congress recently appointed $6 billion to combat the opioid epidemic, they’re serious.

With the drug penalties getting tougher, more dealers may switch to selling drugs digitally, where they start selling drugs online. Other major dealers may also use Canada to facilitate their big deals instead of in the US. Canada is still lenient on it’s drug laws and isn’t as harsh as the US, this makes it a prime deal spot, also because of it’s geographical location.

Kenny K.



Leasing Cars/ Mortgaging Houses


Last week, heard word from the grapevine that someone’s assets got seized: 3 houses, 2 cars gone from asset forfeiture. The pictures that were posted aren’t his by the way, just something from Google. The houses here ain’t cheap either, they’re worth about $2M for a tear down, that’s because the Chinese foreign buyers have pushed up our real estate prices so high.

Shitty news to the person who got caught but lets get real, he shouldn’t have bought all that stuff while he was still in the game. Understandable why he got caught because the way he lived was too high profile, a bit much for a medium caliber cocaine smuggler. 

Word is he put a down payment on the properties via bank draft. That means he was able to get that money in the bank somehow. He probably had multiple bank accounts to inject his money into the financial system. That’s alright, we read the language. He also had a cover person who put the properties under their name also. But the silliest thing I heard was that he got both the mortgages paid off in 7 years. He paid it off by doubling down on the payments and by using a windfall. How heat-score is that?

All you players in the game, we’d like to warn you. Never buy expensive shit while in the game. We’re serious. We’re not playing. Imagine all your hard work going down the drain. Remember El Chapo? Well, since he got caught, the US government can’t even find where $14 BILLION of his money’s at. 

You know the cops in Canada, they get loaned money from the government to run their operations. And how do they make their money to pay off the government? You guessed it, through asset seizures. Lately they’ve stopped doing investigations on big organized crime because it takes too long, so for the cash flow they started to target the smaller guys.

Also if you have a lawyer, know that you can pay off your legal fees by the liquidation of your assets. So if you do this, you can take some money away from the cops before they liquidate everything. Got it? Cut a deal with your lawyer and he will charge you a bit more. Maybe 25% more than usual so you get the money later.

When you want shit while in the game, rent it or lease it. Never own anything expensive. If you rent it or lease it, it’s like pay as you go. You only pay for the amount of time that you use it. But before you even do that, have a couple of friends with businesses cut checks for you so that it makes it seem like you’re working. Pay your taxes and stay low key. You guys take care and continue on with your business. Been real busy lately with the coming of the second book, also some shits going down in court.

And if you haven’t bought the book, buy it already. I see a lot of guys visit this site and browse around like crazy but don’t even purchase it. I know there’s a lot of interesting information on here but in the book there’s more to it. It’s also in a more organized fashion, more potent information. Anyways you guys keep it real and be safe out there in the concrete jungle.

Kenny K.

China Money


An enormous rise in real estate prices is happening at an unprecedented pace in many cities from around the world. China is buying up the world and driving all asset prices up. With their economy booming, they want their money out of China so that their money is safe from their government’s hands.

That’s understandable, since the current president, Xi Jinping took over, many Chinese criminals have began migrating their money out of China at an astounding pace. This is because the current president has began to crack down on the mafia and crooked government officials. 

China money is buying up real estate, businesses, and assets from all around the world. We need to watch where they’re investing because wherever they put their money is our opportunity. China has a lot of money right now and we need to use it to our advantage, money laundering is a business that you should get into. 

The Chinese will be very keen to purchase an asset such as a business or some real estate because possession of the cash is more incriminating while possession of the business or the land enables them to build apparently legitimate wealth. Remember that their source of income is unproven, they will want to do anything in their power to make it seem legit and to create legitimate wealth from it.

In order to purchase the business or the land, they won’t care how much they pay. They will outbid other buyers, not caring if they pay more than the true worth of the purchase. This is because they have too much money that they need to spend. Also by buying high, it drives up the purchase prices of equivalent businesses or parcels of real estate to unsustainable levels, so that only other crime resourced purchasers can afford to buy.

Furthermore, if the launderer buys and operates a business, while simultaneously conducting the criminal activities, which generate additional funds, they may integrate these funds into the business, effectively subsidizing the business, possibly to the point where they drive out legitimate competitors.

Finally, they may be tempted to ensure the success of their venture by corrupting government officials or other business colleagues. The current state of affairs is that government officials are profiting from this too by the collection of tax money, they are secretly in bed with China. There may be significant adverse effects arising from the take-over of China but whatever right, the world is a fucked up place already.

And remember, when the Chinese buy real estate, they always want to buy new, and also mind the size of the lot. Brand new condos are also prized as well. And once they buy, they will want to leave their properties vacant as holding properties. They like to purchase through companies. There was one lady who flew in from China for 4 days. She toured 14 properties. By the end of the 3 days, she said that she didn’t want 2 of the properties but would buy them all. She signed the contract to purchase all 12 properties which was around $46M and the next day she flew off. Big pay day.

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Got Love for the Ghetto


Every now and then, I make my way into the ghetto. It’s a humbling experience. The place that I worked so hard to get out of, the place where I had hated, the place where I never thought I’d get out of. It’s always with mixed feelings when I’m in this place.

Drive into the neighborhood, the people are scoping me out already. When I park my car, bike patrol passes and gives me the look that they’re watching. A hooker comes up to the window because I parked my car, I wave my hand that I don’t need her services. I step out the car and hear grumbling in the background, an alcoholic dude struggling in the back alley. Walk another few steps, and look down, there’s needles that the heroin users threw away, littered on the streets. Used condoms, blood, garbage, you  name it, all decorating the pavement. And to think back… this is where I came from.

The ghetto is home and is still a big part of me. This is the place where I made my money, fighting everyday, just to survive. So many people died but nothing has changed, it’s still the same. As dealers get taken out, there are new ones to replace them. As junkies die, new ones replace them. This is a hell hole of some sort, genocide.

My parents worked so hard but still ended up here, they did their best. They worked themselves to death, couldn’t even afford a grave so they told me to just dump their bodies when they dead. But I didn’t want that, I wanted a better life for us so I worked my ass off every single fucking day to make it. Ran a tight ship, made my money, and finally got the chance to move out of this place which I did.

This business ain’t no joke and many people just say it and don’t realize it’s full meaning. When they’re doing good, they think that everything’s good, they lower their guard and it’s game over. Just hustling isn’t enough, it never is. If you just do that, you’ll get stuck in the rat race. You must educate yourselves so that you can create a legitimate hustle so that you never have to resort to crime again.

And every now and then, I’ll run into a young hustler and it’ll remind me of those days. And a thought comes up: Is he gonna make it?

Kenny K.



International Travel for Drug Dealers


If you haven’t already got one, get one, a passport is one of the most important tools at your disposal when you’re on the run, smuggling drugs, or just checking out new territories. Often times, when we get caught, we get stuck in our own country with our movements strictly limited. If you act properly and fast, a passport can get you out of the country and get you into safe havens.

In North America, even though our land is big, it’s very hard to stay hidden for long because of the same media coverage happening all over the country, the same news gets reported from East to West, throughout every small community. You have a better chance of going to a different country where they don’t share the same news.

Take note that even if you do have a passport, you won’t be able to travel to certain countries if you’re out on bail, still serving probation, or have a criminal record. But there is a way around that!!! If your parents are from another country, you may be able to get foreign passports. If you’re able to get a foreign passport, there’s no criminal record on it, thus making you eligible to travel anywhere in the world, even with a criminal record in your home country. You just won’t be able to use the country’s passport where you committed the crime. 

In order to do this, you must go to the embassy of your parent’s country. From there, you’ll need to prove where you live in your parent’s country so before you even go to the embassy, you have to set stuff up with your family in the mother land. You need to get an address in the mother land and register that you pay taxes through that address. Only then will you be able to prove that you’re from that country and the rest is easy. Take note that this does not work with all known countries, some countries make you choose which nationality you want to keep. If that’s the case and if you have a criminal record, choose to get the foreign passport.

A passport is very easy to get, even if you live in the ghetto. It’ll open many doors for you and will enhance your mode of thinking. If your parents are immigrants from another country, try obtaining a passport from their motherland as well. Having multiple passports will reap the most benefits.

Some countries make it harder for certain nationalities to get in and you may need a visa to enter their country. But when entering certain countries with certain passports, in some cases, you won’t even need a visa. Having multiple passports is a huge plus because you don’t have to go through the hassle of having only one nationality.

If you have multiple passports, fly to one country using one nationality and fly to your next destination using another country’s passport. You can cover your tracks this way but make sure that you re-enter the country with the passport that you originally used to get out of the country, otherwise the border guards may get suspicious. Also keep on renewing your passports and never let them expire once you get them.

For those with no other options, there are places where the borders are loose where you can easily slip through them. Some parts of Canada are easily accessible by foot, you just park near a national park and make your way from there in the woods. It must be even easier in Europe where the whole continent is connected by land. What a dream come true if you’re a drug dealer from there, so many opportunities for international business.

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Making it in the Drug Game


This is one of the most dirtiest and grimiest businesses that ever exists, the end result is beautiful but what it takes to get there, nobody wants to talk about. Much like the experiences in jail, we all want to forget. That’s understandable but we need to teach these youth the truth so that they know what they’re getting into. Always be ready for it when you enter into this business.

What many main-stream rappers don’t admit is that they have never made it big in the drug industry, they just claim to be because it sells. When you do your research, many of these rappers haven’t even made it to the upper echelon, they just sold nickel and dimes, and single kilos if they were lucky. This just shows you how fake the media is and that they’re really hard to believe. They teach the youth the wrong message and train them to fail, right from the beginning.

Going back to the roots, this business is very hands on, still kind of in the stone age but getting there slowly. This is because we have nothing to build from, the past empires our predecessors had worked so hard for gets wiped out, clean to the point that it no longer exists. This causes us to have to start all over again from scratch, rebuilding the empires that our past predecessors have built. During the process, we lose some of their knowledge and know-how. This is why it’s so essential that we write all of this stuff down so that we can pass it on to the future generations.

Treat this business like any other legitimate business, and learn to differentiate between the lifestyle and your business. While you’re in the game, you can never live a normal life. If you treat it like any other job, that’s when it starts to get dangerous. While in the game, you should keep it low key, low key to the point that you don’t have a social life. Only step outside your house if you’re making money.

Never tell people what you’re doing.

Never flash your cash.

Never show that you have wealth.

If people start getting the sense that you’re successful, they’ll come after you. That’s how society is and that’s the way it always is. Jealousy is dangerous. Learn to blend in and camouflage. Never expose yourself or give out clues of your success. I know it gets hard when you start getting the cash but try not to indulge in the luxuries of life, at least for now.

Drive regular cars.

Wear regular clothes.

Don’t brag on social media.

Girlfriends or family is never recommended. Again, I will state that this is not a normal life, they could become a liability to you if they know too much. Think about it, if they are normal people and if their life gets threatened, they’ll get scared, either ratting you out or setting you up.

Normal people don’t have the nerves to go through what we go through, they’re a weaker species, not to be trusted when shit hits the fan. Normal friends, family, significant others, lose them all during your drug dealing career. You can go back to them later after all your business is taken care of. The game is to be done in solitude, not involving innocent people in your crimes.

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Strategies When Switching to New Phones


Although useful, our communication devices pose the greatest threat. Just imagine what could happen if the cops were listening to every word of your conversation. In the old days, if your phone is tapped, you could here a click, click, click when you were talking, but nowadays it’s not that obvious.

Using burner phones or cloned phones is never fool-proof, the cops are used to doing these kinds of investigations so it’s not hard for them to track you down. That’s why you need a strategy, a communications strategy to be exact.

The safest thing to do is to switch up your phones every couple of months but not everybody has the discipline to do that. Another problem that arises is that your people keep on calling your old phone and not the new one, this can get annoying real quick. A way to get around this is to have a transition period that allows enough time for your people to transition to calling your new phone.

Pay attention to the intervals in which your customers pick up, so for instance, if one of your customers picks up once a month, you have to hold on to the old phone until they call, or you call them and inform them in person. You want to switch all of your good customers onto the new phone!!! Once they phone the old phone, meet up with them and pass along the new number to them. After a certain period of time, make sure that nobody important is phoning the old phone and then disconnect it.

The best method to lose the cops is if everyone around you switches to using new phone numbers at the same time, but this strategy takes a high level of organization and is not realistic. Imagine coordinating with other dealers and suppliers to get them to change their numbers, it’s better off giving them new phones to use. Using this strategy may also end up hurting your business by inefficiencies in lost communications because everyone has to get used to phoning the new numbers, even a few contacts may get lost.

Switching to new phones can only slow down the cop’s investigation because all it takes is for them to have one of your phones tapped to get to all of your people. You must discard of the infected phone, otherwise there’s no point in everyone switching to new numbers. That’s why everyone must try to change their numbers at the same time.

If you use one phone to conduct all of your business, you’re doing it wrong. Designate each phone for the sole use of contacting one person. One phone for your supplier, one phone for each manager, etc. By operating this way, you’ll end up with a lot of phones but you also avoid any cross-contamination from happening.

Do not store any phone numbers on your phone, remember them in your head. If the cops confiscate your phone and manage to unlock it, they can look at all of your saved contacts. This is physical evidence that you were contacting those associates. It is also wise to erase all the history from your phone, even though they may be able to get your phone records through other means, make them work for that information.

Never mention any names on the phone and if you do have to, use nicknames other than the street names. Even if you use coded words, the cops can tell so it doesn’t matter that much what you say.

For important deals or for important conversations:






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