BPI, other banks under probe for ties to money laundering scandal in Australia Read more: BPI, other banks under probe for ties to money laundering scandal in Australia

Even Though You’re Balling

Even though your balling, if you’re not good with your money, hanging with the wrong kinds of people, and not in the right environment, you can lose it very quick. Again, having the money only gets you half way out the ghetto. It’s easy make it and even harder to maintain it.

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Never get stuck in the flashy lifestyle because soon you’ll become a slave to it. At first, you wanted money to be free but then you became a prisoner to the money.You need to keep up with the lifestyle, therefore you need the money coming in. Instead of spending money on liabilities, why don’t you spend them on assets. Assets that preserve and make you money.

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If you’re a dealer, you can’t live like Floyd.

This is the number one reason that drug dealers don’t do good after the game. We are very similar to professional athletes who don’t know what else to do after they retire. A majority of professional athletes go broke after they retire from the league, same as drug dealers.

In order to preserve our hard earned gains, we must put some effort into preserving it. You can buy property under a trust that you set up in a foreign country, you can buy businesses that produce legitimate cash flow, you can buy a franchise, buy collectibles, antiques, paintings, art, etc. Even better, you can do this in multiple countries.

Some countries you can just bring $20,000 cash on board the plane (check how much cash you can carry to your destination country) and buy property for $10,000-$15,000. You keep on going back and forth or have a couple of people with you who carry 20,000 each. It’s better not to declare the money on the custom’s form because we travelled countless times and had no issues with it. Just one guy had a problem because he got drunk on the airplane, caused some ruckus and they searched him after. That guy doesn’t work for us anymore.

As you all know, having too much physical cash is a major headache. You want to turn that paper into things so that you don’t have to hold on to it.The key is how you bring that money into the legit economy. Bankers will do the job, the bigger the amounts and the bigger the amounts the better.

If banks are too big, they only get away with a fine. A big bank in Australia has been accused of 23 MILLION money laundering breaches and the funny thing is that they are able to walk off after paying a fine. That bank is still operational so in essence, it’s better to do money laundering through large firms. If an individual or small group does money laundering, they will get totally fucked with jail sentences, but a bank, no. Bankers are pretty smart, they also need numbers, so before you do business with them, make sure it’s worth it for them. Also have a representative in place of you. You can even get a lawyer to do it under trust for you.

Kenny K.


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