drug gangs use fax machines

Technologies that Keep Us Safe

Technology can be your best friend but be mindful of using the right ones. The new technology of now such as smart phones and high tech cars with GPS are no good for us. That kind of technology allows the feds to take a look at our activity.

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The feds can find out where you are at any moment if you have a smart phone, even with the privacy settings on. There was a case where the feds tracked down a killer and acquitted him because they drew down evidence that he was at the crime scene all from a smart phone that he was carrying. That is pretty scary stuff.

Image result for old flip phones"
The big guys don’t need data on their phones, they stick with simplicity which protects them.

The big guys will always resort to the old technology which many of you guys think are outdated. International deals are done via fax machines because they are very difficult to intercept. Old flip phones are used because they can’t be hacked into.

The smart phones are very useful but dangerous at the same time. If you think about it, the dealers of the past didn’t have smart phones and still got the business done. Why do you need a smart phone now? It only gets you into trouble. At least stop using smart phones during your career as a dealer. After you quit dealing you can use them all you want.

For the feds, there are just too many dealers to get so you can play the game of luck by holding a smart phone, using P2P (peer to peer) for communications. Also get rid of the apps and turn all of your privacy settings off, at least this way there will be less prying eyes. If you have any apps of any sort, make sure your real name are not used to register them.

We like using social media or chat platforms of countries which do not get along with America, those that we know which won’t corporate with America. I can’t list which ones but find them, find those ones which won’t corporate with your country’s feds. And also another tip, this goes even for your money.

The money is making it’s way into the digital revolution with China taking the first steps towards digital currency. All you need are bank accounts in those countries. America is on it’s way too to digitizing their currency but it’s slowed down because they do too many illegal things (CIA) and it will be harder for them to launder money if they do because everything will get traced. They may need to negotiate with the Central Banks which will be far more illegal and when that time comes there will be big trouble for them and nothing will be able to stop them from falling because people will definitely notice.

Kenny K.


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