Vehicle Transportation: Keeping Track of Your Assets

Have you ever done a big deal before where you send one of your driver’s to move the drugs or the money? Have you ever had one of these loads go missing? You get one of your people to phone your driver but there’s no answer and when they phone their people they don’t know where he or she is. And later at night when you watch the news, your driver’s found dead in a field with the abandoned vehicle. If you have experienced this kind of thing then you are not alone. This type of stuff sometimes happens in our business.

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The 5 most likely scenarios that usually take place are:

  1. Job Completed
    1. The drugs or money reach the destination point encountering no problems.
  2. Job Not Completed Due to Worker Incompetence
    1. The driver decides that they don’t want to do this anymore and brings the vehicle back to home base or ditches the vehicle leaving the mission incomplete.
  3. Job Not Completed Due to Worker Theft
    1. The driver steals the money or the drugs and goes on the run.
  4. Job Not Completed Due to Police Interference
    1. The vehicle gets intercepted by the authorities.
  5. Job Completed Due to Police Interference
    1. You might think what the fuck is this but we sometimes ask people to get caught so that more loads can go through. We hire people from poor countries to do this type of work, to drive past speed limit with a small load of drugs. We pay them to go to jail. These people don’t care, they just want the money to feed their family in their home country. They usually get deported. $10,000-20,000USD pay off no problem, only used for big deals.
  6. Job Not Completed Due to Rip Offs
    1. The driver gets ripped off and the bandits take the drugs, money and the driver’s life.
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Manage your assets wisely

The most common mistake many people make in this business is not putting enough security measures in place. When you have a vehicle transporting a large amount of money or drugs, you never leave it alone. You always need to know where they are and your number one priority is to keep them safe and protected so that they can complete their task.

Driver Management System

Your operations needs a dispatch. What is a dispatch? A dispatch is a manager who keeps track of the movements and the activities of the drivers in the operation. If something goes wrong, the driver phones dispatch and then the dispatch will make the decision of what they should do next. UPS, Amazon, Taxi companies all have a dispatch service. We do the same in the drug industry. It’s sort of like a worker support if you want to put it that way. When drivers get lost on route, the drivers phone dispatch. If they feel uncomfortable with the deal, the drivers phone dispatch. If the deal is delayed, they phone dispatch. It’s very useful to have because the dispatch handles pretty much everything. It’s like your operations on auto pilot. Just make sure the dispatch is an OG who knows the area and the people who are involved.

Drugs, Money Separate

The drugs and the money should not be placed in the same vehicle. This is so that when the authorities intercept the vehicle they only have one or the other. Drugs and money are in separate asset classes so they should never be mixed together. Money is more important than the drugs because money can be transformed into anything, so put extra security in place when you are transporting your money.

Route Map/ Driver Itinerary

The driver’s will have a route map on exactly which route to take to the destination. They must follow the route map at all times but when certain threats exist they may take alternate routes once they are approved by dispatch. Have a constant line of communication open with the drivers so that you know what is going on at all times. There will be checkpoints for long haul destinations so that we can physically confirm the vehicle.

One of the ways to always know where your driver is, is to put a GPS tracker system in their car. When you load up the vehicle with drugs or money you usually take it to a mechanic who sets up traps in your vehicle. You should put the GPS tracker in the car without the driver’s knowledge. Having a GPS tracker will ensure the safety of your product and your driver because if you know where they are you can send people to protect them. Most of the time we use cell phones in the wall compartment of the car with the GPS on it. Obviously we rig the vehicle so that the phone is always charged.

You can also get a professional GPS tracker system at any spy store or high tech store. Once you get the device you usually have to sign up or register the system in order to use it. Make sure that you use an innocent person’s identity to sign up for it to avoid any unnecessary attention by the authorities. Another option is to put a smart phone in the car that has a GPS tracking app. All of these devices need to have an electric supply that is connected to the car even if the car is not running.

Never Let them Know What They’re Carrying

Never ever let people know what they’re driving around. We once told someone and they shit their pants, hands shaking and everything. It’s better not to tell them anything, this way it’s better for your security and the driver’s sanity. A good way is to tell them that your friend is moving and then get them to drive the car full of random stuff. This way they think that they’re really helping someone to do a move.

Physical Following

On top of all of this you must have human support, someone who is physically there. You always need another person to follow the vehicle. In order for this to work the vehicle carrying the drugs or money has to drive in front and the vehicle that is following drives right behind them. This way it makes it harder for the police to pull the main vehicle over. Instruct the following vehicle to keep a safe distance so that it does not look too obvious. If the loaded car gets pulled over, the driver in the back can slam into the cop car a little and then make a run for it. In this case, the cop will go chasing after the car that hit him. The other car can then take the nearest freeway exit and park the car somewhere on a residential street.

Inside of the following vehicle there should be at least 2 people. Equip them with guns if you feel like it, but we rarely do because we already know who we’re dealing with. The big guys rarely fuck around in this business, they conduct proper business. You can get creative with the people in the main vehicle. Some people put whole families in while others hire beautiful woman to drive the vehicles. It doesn’t matter as long as you are creative and mix it up according to the demography of the territory. Never look out of place, use people who fit the character profile of the destination. Use different ethnicity, age ranges, different faces.

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It’s just a car with things in it, your driver and your stuff

You can even hire people from Craigslist and pay them cash. For example: Just say that you’re in LA right now but you left your car in Arizona. Post an ad on Cragislist, looking for people who would drive that vehicle out to you. Make sure it’s not that much of a good car. People actually do it. Pay them when they drop off the car to you in LA. Make sure everything in the vehicle is concealed, hidden via traps. Also load it with a GPS tracker.

For very big loads, there will be a 3rd vehicle that nobody knows about. This vehicle’s job is to oversee the entire operations. They will have the route map in hand and will report to one of your lieutenants if anything goes wrong. They will keep a distance from all the other vehicles and will remain anonymous.

Nowadays we tailor our vehicle loads so that it matches the season. On long weekends and stuff, we make our loads slightly less but have more vehicles on the road. On regular days, we might have just one big truck moving the stuff. Most people like smaller loads nowadays, that seems to be the style but we truly think that it should vary. It should not be small all the time. You should put in some home runs in there so that you can get rid of it faster.

Once the main vehicle reaches the destination point the job is still not done. The product or money is at the destination point but they must exchange hands in order to close the deal. Using dead drops is the best deal. If you don’t know dead drops, look it up, it’s somewhere in the blog.

After the drugs and money exchange hands, bring the stuff to your home base and check that everything is there. Quality check must be done on the spot and put in the log book. If the product is off, phone the exporter right away. For big deals, customer service is usually good so they’ll drop you off extra kilos to make up for it, or you can give it back to them in exchange for better stuff with your money back.

There was a case when it was really busy and we had to use a source that we originally didn’t use because our guy was out. We picked up 20 and then they told us they only had 16 so we were like what the fuck. Then they phone us back in 10 minutes saying that they had 20 now. We were like ok, lets do it then. When we got the product, the product was shit. It wasn’t as pure as they promised. It automatically came to me that they buffed the product. The 4kg they didn’t have they just moshed and chopped it with some shit so it added up to 20. We complained that they buffed it and they said just deal with it. I phoned them back and said lets meet. They were hesitant to meet. Then they phoned back and said, ok we’ll give you the 4kg, they still didn’t admit that they buffed it. All I wanted was a sincere apology and for them to be honest. And what happened next is another story but to keep it short, we had both the original money that we paid them minus about $50,$60k and the 16kg of bad shit and the 4kg of the good shit. They were never in business again.

Kenny K.


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