handling competition how to sell cocaine

Handling Competition

Some parts of this business feels like heaven, while others feels like hell. We as dealers have to go through so much to get to where we want: the cops, the competition, your allies, your crew, you all have to handle. Today we’ll focus on competition.

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Sometimes it can get overwhelming, we understand but you need to juggle it and to keep on going forward. If you lag behind for one moment, you may not see something coming. You need to be a little bit paranoid to keep on top of things in this selfish world we live in.

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Eyes and ears everywhere

If you control an area, you need to maintain it or to spread it and as a fact, people will get in the way. You need to assess your strength and weaknesses carefully and as long as you know what you’re capable of, you’ll know how to fight properly. If you don’t know your capacity of what you can handle, you can dig yourself a deep grave.

There may be many beginners out there so we’ll state how we do it. First in an area, see who holds the power, what kinds of fights are going on, and what kinds of alliances there are. Listen to the war stories going on in the area and if you think you can handle it, go for it. Pay attention to the news and see what kinds of busts are going on, what type of stuff they were selling, the quantities, the cash, how many people in their crew, what gang, the violence they have done, the location where they got raided, and the weapons they were carrying. This will create a snapshot of what you will encounter in the area. We always do market research before doing a test run in the new area.

Once you get a foothold, it’s a mixture of offence and defence. Offensive in the way that you power out the lower dealers and absorb their market share. Defensive in the way that you’re always on guard for random ambushes. The beginning part is always the toughest and we want you to do it right.

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Alliances are always good. Use them while you still have them.

Before you fight anyone, you can choose to form alliances. We are all in the business of making money and if you know you have the advantage over those dealers in price and quality, you can cut them a deal by selling them what you have. By doing it this way, your business will piggyback from those dealers, all you need to do is to establish a sales agent, a neutral figure that will take care of those deals. This will usually be the person that picks up the most.

If you choose to set up the operations yourself, you can but remember, a start up will take up a lot of energy. Give yourself 3-6 month in the area, that should be enough time to establish yourselves. Roll with 2 cars in the beginning, one car with drugs, the other with guns. During that time recruit spies, informants. First start out with customers then work yourself up to gas station workers, convenience store workers, strippers, uber drivers, taxi drivers, etc. Establish your eyes and ears on the streets.

If new competition rolls in, get your customer to hand them their number and then set them up by getting the customer to call them. A couple shots in their car would do to scare them off, don’t fatally injure anyone yet. We like big holes in their cars so that they can see what hit them in the morning. Right after you shoot their car, call their phone and speak with them. It’s good to set up a face to face meeting at this point. If they don’t pick up, keep on phoning them until they do. You can phone them for 3 hours straight, I don’ t care. If they go running out of their car, get people to chase them down and have one person enter their car to get their insurance papers. Find out the address and then go straight to the address.

During the phone call, if they do say that they’re going to retire from the area, make it clear that if you see them again, it’s not your responsibility what happens to them. If they say nothing about closing up shop, meet them face to face and then speak with them. Peaceful negotiations are what we are about so they can either pick up the product from us and get a designated corner or get taken right there. Somewhere in the woods is nice for this kind of event, make sure you have all your soldiers posted up in there.

If they still continue to sell in the area, they probably have a boss who’s confident in their abilities, their defence will be up so prepare for a showdown. When both sides are packing, you need to have a couple of disposable cars, a hit crew to handle it while you keep on continuing your business. Hiring out by getting thugs to handle the competition is what we recommend because their job will be to continually harass the competition, 24/7 until they disappear. If you do this all yourself, you will tire yourself out and won’t be able to grow your business as quickly.

Peaceful negotiations first, violence as a last resort. We don’t even like violence, we only do it to those who don’t understand. We are good people, it’s business, people like you and me.

Kenny K.







    1. Anyone reading this please understand the above message is a very stupid dealer or LE. Any real dealer will never ever ever ever EVER use gmail… This is a honeypot or a dumb low hanging fruit. Please continue to do your research and Stay away from Heroin and Meth.


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