wall of cocaine


Whatever you’re used to, get rid of it. All of it. This game is all about mindset and you need to think big and see the grand scheme of things in order to survive. If your world is this small and you can see it, then your job is to grow it so that it’s global, worldwide so that it’s too big to even see. Remember, nothing is impossible, a tiny seed can sprout the most massive of trees and we are those trees here today.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

With experience anything is possible but with experience is not enough. What it really takes is a strong determination, an almost unwavering desire to win. To win at life, you need to breathe and think that every single moment that you’re alive. What we street people have is the guts and the determination because we’ve experienced it all before.

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Big risk should equal great rewards, Always

Having nothing to lose is our advantage so don’t take that for granted. If we’ve got nothing to lose, we’re not scared anymore. At that moment when you’re not even scared of dying is when a new you is reborn. I don’t mean it in a careless or reckless way, I don’t know if you guys ever been that low but when you really feel that your back is against the wall and that you don’t care about anything anymore is when you truly find what you’re made of. You can either let it kill you or you can fight out of it. The people who come out of it are the champions, the warriors which we are speaking to.

What the richest people in the world and the homeless people have in common is TIME. They have all the time in the world, it’s how you use it. There’s no magical key here. Time is here for it to be used so use it wisely. When you’re young you get distracted and it’s alright but speaking from experience, it would have been very scary to see what some people could have done if they applied themselves 200%. You know some of those people, you realize the potential in them and you see them not using it. Well that is you, you guys reading this today. Remember, you also have competition out there, you should always be watching your back, always thinking ahead, always a step ahead, we also have the cops to watch out for. Whatever you watch, listen to, and expose yourself to all affects you so choose wisely how you spend your time.

What those chumps on wall street experienced is nothing to us because we’ve experienced it all. The highs and the lows. If you make it from the ghetto, you’ll enjoy it even more. If you’re already rich, you won’t know how to enjoy it and you’ll find it fun to do what the poor people do, very true. The poor are attracted to the rich but the rich find an interest in the poor.

I see people out there today, maybe some new faces doing it and I know what they’re up to but I don’t say because it’s none of my business. Been there, done that, they’re still in the chase, I understand so I wish them luck and let them be.

The young people of today have a major advantage over the past generation of drug dealers. You guys truly live in the golden age. There are so many more places that you can put your money into and you can access all the information out there on the internet. You can even buy information!!!

Use your brain and believe in yourself in anything that you do and go all out and don’t get out unless you’ve had absolutely enough because this chance isn’t coming back again. Experience all the things that you’ve ever wanted to experience and then some and do it until you’ve had enough, then by the end of it, hopefully if you’re alive and out of jail, you can finally restart your new life.

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Have a plan of what you want to do with the money

Before you make the money, think of what to do with it. Don’t make money pointlessly because that will forever get you stuck in the ghetto. Have a goal, reach it, then switch lifestyles from the illegal to legit in a very discreet way. Hiding your past and where you got all that real wealth from will be your main job here. Starting today, I hope it is you and if I ever see you out there in the real business world, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but you’ll sense my presence and I’ll sense yours and we’ll just brush it off or do something about it and until that moment comes, keep on living.

If you have money, get it out, it’s real easy. Get it the fuck out of the USA and spread it worldwide. Just spread it wherever you want to spend it.  Send your money, wherever you are going to spend it, just don’t do it in one country, especially in North America. If you want to buy a Ferrari in Italy, send 200k to an account in Italy. If you want to rent a mansion in Australia, send the money to Australia. If you want to spend 3 months in Tokyo, send that money there. Safe havens are not in North America South America anymore, they are more readily available in Asia, Africa, Europe where the geography is interwoven. The fact that the land is connected makes it safer. America is in control of the Americas so they can stay in the Americas, you’ve got to have a couple Caribbean accounts just to get your money out.

Kenny K.


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