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Tips: Doing Large Deals

We’re gonna go over the basics first before we proceed. Picking up large orders can get a little bit complicated because the logistics and warehousing capacities are pushed to the limits. We all have to admit, picking up 200kg is way different than picking up 5. Your security needs to be up with all of the counter surveillance measures in place. This is no longer a one man game, it becomes a team effort.

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Always order before you actually need the product because if you don’t get your product in time, you may lose out on some deals. Order when your inventory is around 50% so that it gives the people enough time to deliver the product. By placing your orders early, you’ll get to phone around and get the best deals which is way better than getting last minute deals where desperation kicks in.

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Always remember: different locations different stamps

We like to use a minimum of 2 suppliers at one time so that we can have consistent business relations with them. If we were to order 200, we would order 150 from one guy and order 50 from the other. This way, if one guys goes down, we always have the others on fresh terms. Always hide your plug and keep the both of them away.

For big deals over 20, it sometimes takes a couple days to get the order. For anything over 50, it may take a week to get the order. For anything over 200, it may take several weeks to a month to get the order. It all depends on how much inventory your guys are carrying and how well connected they are with the source.

Sometimes a big bust that you see on the news can have dramatic effects on the market. A 1 tonne bust means that somebody is losing 1 tonne and that their customers are losing a tonne. This may cause stress in the markets with the dealers scrambling for positions, making it difficult to re-up their orders. Some big guys, especially in controlled cities artificially manipulate the market by making things seem scarce. That is why we have suppliers out of state so that we can get better prices, and a better pulse on the market.

Have some manners when you deal with the big guys: have separate phones for each supplier. If you deal with the real big time guys, they’ll almost always give you a phone for you to communicate with them. The only rule is that you only use it to contact them and nobody else. If you lose the phone, your connection is done because there will be no other way to get a hold of them unless you know how to locate their underlings.

The each phone for each person rule is to avoid any cross contamination from happening just in case one of your phones gets tapped. If you feel like you’re being monitored, switch up phones during your conversations, usually every 2 minutes. The conversation should last only a couple of minutes. Just discuss the quantity, quality, money, and time and place of the deal in person. If you have a legitimate business, disguise the dialogue as such. Never talk too much on the phone, limited information should be passed along the phone lines. Texts should be limited.

Most dealers use zapper phones to communicate, P2P encrypted communications. If somebody contacts them without, they don’t pick up. Now you can see the mentality of the big guys, they don’t like to get caught. They’re always careful and mitigate the risks.

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For every 10 keys, quality check one

If you suspect the phones are tapped, stage a fake deal and see if they come. If they come, you were right and nothing will happen because only your look-outs will be there. Chuck those phones afterwards, they’ll get the message. Lay low for awhile or stop your operations right there.

Always give feedback after each deal. If the weight didn’t add up or if the quality wasn’t there, you’ll want to communicate it right away. Never wait, this is business, it’s no use being shy, be direct. If it’s their mistake, they’ll make up for it the next day or in the next deal. If they don’t fix their mistakes, forget them, there’s other big timers that are available and you can use the leverage of a new enemy against them, therefore a new alliance can be properly established. People use mutual enemies as bonding tools, use it to your advantage. Also discuss what went smoothly during the deal and what didn’t. This will help in making the next deal run smoother. Perfection is what we strive for, this is a profession.

If you’re doing a big deal, have scouts to monitor the area before the deal happens, before, during, and after the deal. Have at least 3 people posted around the deal spots in different locations. One right near the deal spot, with the second and the third circling around the area to see if there’s any cops. If there’s anything suspicious, they’ll report it right away. An old man sitting on a bench is our perfect look-out, also a mother pushing a a baby stroller.

Nowadays we don’t like dealing with physical money. When doing big deals, we like to wire the money to the other party. This makes it safe for the both of us because we don’t need to be carrying around large bags of money. Some use off-shore banking accounts while others use businesses or lawyer’s trust accounts. Usually 50% down payment and when the deal gets done, they’ll receive the other 50% within the next 24 hours. Sometimes we need to leave one of our guys with them, a guy of high seniority, only to be released after they get the remaining 50%.

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Bundle your bills neatly in an organized manner before taking it to the wash

For big deals, we like using dead drops. Dead drops are where dealers leave the drugs in a location like a storage locker and then give the buyer the locker combination so that they can grab their stuff without ever meeting in person. Combination codes or traps are the best for this kind of stuff because normal people won’t be able to get into them. Some people use cars and drop off the keys to the buyer with the whereabouts of the vehicle.

When you have picked up the drugs, it’s time for your security to tail your car and to escort you back to the storage facility. Some guys have a truck parked near the nearest big road, when doing dead drops with cars, they just drive the vehicle inside the truck. We strictly advise to these procedures when the drugs arrive:

  • Park the car in the garage
  • Close the garage door
  • Read the instructions on how to get the drugs out. Usually if they’re nice, they’ll send a guy with the car to get the drugs out. They come usually blind-folded.
  • Once the drugs are removed, grab a pen and number the packages. So if you ordered a 100, each package should be numbered. This makes it easier to do inventory so that all of the product is accounted for. Some use colored tape.
  • For the current orders which needs to be shipped, have them set on the side.
  • Once the numbers are verified, get a knife and open 1 out of every 10 packages. Check for quality by cooking up. 5 grams should be good enough to cook. 90%+ or higher is recommended. Anything below, complain and open and check 1 in 5 packages now.
  • If the quality is good, it’s time to separate the entire order into 3 to be stored at 3 different spots. This helps us in mitigating our risks because if one goes missing, we have the other 2 to rely on. Never put all your eggs into one basket, especially if you’re dealing with a large quantity of drugs.
  • We don’t buff our product so we don’t repackage. We sell the purest and that’s why the people come to us. If you want to buff, go ahead but know that we’ll always beat you on quality. If you’re buffing, mix it, press it, and repackage now.

Before the deal happens, discuss what will happen if the deal goes wrong. It’s best to discuss things beforehand before they even happen. What if you’re using shipping containers to move the product around, and what if the cops confiscated it? You’ll need to talk over the refund policies or how they’ll make up for the lost deals. They’ll usually offer half price on the next shipment. The main things to talk over is how both parties will be compensated, the procedures or rules set in place will help save the relationship when shit hits the fan. Make it a friendly conversation but set the terms straight.

Never get the product fronted, especially if you don’t have the client base. Only get what you can afford. If you get the product fronted and can’t pay it back, it’ll become a huge problem. Many may think that this is a good way to start a career but in actual reality, the risk is very large when dealing with these Mexican cartels. What if the product gets jacked? Even when you become a high roller, picking up multiple kilos, some of the suppliers will ask you if you need some more and they’ll even offer to front it to you. These suppliers ask because they want to clear their old inventory. In this case, if you can afford it, negotiate a better deal instead of getting it fronted. Never get the product fronted because you want to be on even grounds with everyone. Owing gives away your power, especially when dealing with powerful players from organized crime groups.

Kenny K.




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