old phones are the best if you are a criminal. way better than a smart phone

Flip Phones and Old Fax Machines

Relying on old technology will protect you from privacy intrusions by hackers and the authorities. We must stock up on these items because they are getting scarce these days. Increasingly, some hustlers have played it smart by hiring hackers to hack into their competition’s phones and computers to wreck havoc on their operations, also cops use a lot of technology to track their prey.

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Them old flip phones are coming back in style because the smart phones don’t allow for this kind of privacy. If you have a smart phone, they can track you down at any moment if they choose to. Technology is a danger to us, for those who are involved in this business.

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Even they use simple phones for business

Many of the people I know, the high-rollers, even for in the legit world use the old flip phones. They may have a smart phone kicking because it’s useful but we should learn to not rely on technology to live our daily lives. Any information is accessible these days if anyone tries to and we must acknowledge that fact.

This new technology is a double edged sword. If you use google maps to navigate where you’re going, they can track that. If you use social media and post pictures and check-in to various locations, they can track that. If you leave your GPS location on, they can track that. If you don’t set up your privacy settings to the highest levels, they can track you.

If you have a smart phone:

  • Turn off your GPS location feature on your phone
  • Change all the security features of your apps to the highest levels, disable the microphone and camera for the setting of these apps
  • Never talk any business around the smart phone, they can hear you. The top guys in this business don’t even talk in their cars or home because it might be bugged. They leave their phone else wear and go to parks to discuss business.
  • If you’re sending an email, don’t use your own wifi. Get a VPN service to scramble your location so if you’re in LA sending an email, you can make it seem that you’re sending the email from Cuba.
  • There’s many more to this but you should have no problems if you’re using a clone phone or using someone else’s account.

If you do everything old-school by using them paper maps and stuff like that, they will have a hard time in tracking you.Even if you’re big time, the authorities won’t spend their efforts in capturing you because they are lazy in their ways of relying on technology to catch people. They’ll always go for the easy fish first unless your organization is involved in a lot of violence.

Sure, there are old school cops and the only time they’ll be able to catch you is physically on the streets but if you do it right by rotating your men, switching up your spots, and by changing your phone numbers, it’ll make their jobs hell. Lets make their jobs hell so that they only go after the easy prey.

These new school cops who track the big guys rely on a lot of technology and informants. Fax machines are getting back in style because nobody uses them much anymore. Hidden codes, hidden messages in the form of advertising, messages in art form are transmitted by fax everyday for large scale deals. The only trouble is when the fax message doesn’t get destroyed, you need someone there to capture it. You also need physical locations for it so you will need to disguise it by using someone else’s fax or by going to Staples etc. Many of the guys use their own import export businesses, of course these guys are international and that’s how they do it.

Some groups who have a lot of coin, establish their own communication network which are independent of the telecommunication companies. There’s a guy somewhere in Asia who used to specialize in this, we’d always get phones from him, even the South Americans because he had his own telecommunication system which was impossible to hack into. That was a very lucrative business for him but this was years ago. I’m pretty sure that if you put your mind to it, you can hire some people to create that for you.

Kenny K.


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