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What Separates the Professionals from the Amateurs

We are professionals, professionals at what we do. If you take this word lightly, you’ll come stumbling down until you can’t stop. This downward spiral you may never get out from. That is why it’s so necessary to treat this business like a business and much more like a publicly traded company with shareholders and a board of directors.

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Like I’ve repeated many times before, the beginning stages are very important. You need to think bigger than your business right now. It never matters where you’re at right now, it only matters where you’re going. And in order to know where you’re going, you must plan for it and reach higher than the very ghetto that you stand ground on right now.

Most of the guys I know, they deal on the streets and they died on the streets. They became casualties because they didn’t play it right. They never got to that executive level but died a street soldier. I know it’s heroic to die young but why put yourself through all that when you can live a very better life. All it takes is a little planning ahead, always planning for that next bigger thing legit I mean.

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If you’re a big enough drug dealer, you can even get your own banker to manage the money

We are like professional athletes, striving to getting better day by day. We have a relentless drive because we want to get out of here. There is so much competition that we cannot sleep. We can never let our guard down no matter how powerful we are. One day a nobody could get lucky and take you out, or the feds could come on to you because you slipped up too many times.

The environment where we were raised in is trash, the whole ghetto is trash. I mean that’s where I came from but that has a lot to do with the ultra wealthy and politicians who created this whole shit of the ghetto to get us trapped into slavery yet once again. The people in it are good, they just were taught the wrong things to not succeed in the real world.

Some rare brothers, some very tiny exceptions have managed to get past that and go further beyond what they could have ever imagined. They had the hunger and the drive to say fuck this shit, I’m getting out of here. This led many of them to create a system.

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Transportation is our business

Many successful dealers that I know have it down to a science. They have their own systems on how they operate and have even better systems for risk management. Most of it comes down to risk management. These are some of the things that I’ve noticed from the high rollers.

  • They are careful at what they do. They are very clever at hiding their income.
  • They prevent any damage from happening to them. Protecting their inventory and only allowing a select few into their circle.
  • They never touch the drugs or the cash. They just manage.
  • They have a professional training regiment for all of their employees. Safety protocol and what to look out for so that they don’t get caught. A majority of the cases I have studied, many of them had the very best training programs even to their lowest of employees. Just imagine a hotel like the Hilton, they have the very best training from the cleaning ladies all the way up to the executive level. They have every job position down to a science.
  • Having a very good lawyer. Hire the best because it’s your life. Don’t worry about the money, it’s your life that these people handle. You can always negotiate with assets overseas and leave the paperwork in the domestic front negative.
  • They are experts at getting their money overseas.Once the money is out of the country, they can’t do much about it. But if you’re raking in billions, they’ll find the time to take you out. But I know most of us are at the 7,8 figure range so it doesn’t really matter. It’s chump change anyways.
  • Having residency in another country. If you’re in the states and doing dirt, you will always have to be looking for ways to get out of the country. That’s why many of us get married to foreign women so we can get the residency there and just bounce and leave this place.
  • Many of the successful ones I know are non-violent unless provoked. In other words, they don’t start shit, but when someone starts shit, they finish them off and make an example out of them.
  • For those who wish to risk it and stay in the home country, they have taken the risk of getting into legitimate ventures. The very best got into the real estate industry, now the tech industries. It’s entirely up to you to decide your fate. With the capital that you have built up, you can create an even bigger fortune.

Getting tired of writing now, but I’ll make it a priority to post all the information here for free so that you too can get the fuck out of the ghetto. I can’t meet you right now but we’ll meet somewhere down the line in the future when we’re both competing on the legitimate front. No gun fire here, we may even collude together so until that moment comes, keep your head straight and focus.

Kenny K.



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