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Still alive, just checking in. How to Sell Cocaine, the book has gotten taken off the bookshelves. As you have noticed, when you click on the link for the book, it leads to nothing. Been busy working on some new stuff while dealing with some court cases. 

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

What I’ve noticed recently, a lot of rich folks, especially entrepreneurs are trending on the use of LSD.It’s called micro-dosing where Steve Jobs and some notable others started the trend. These people spend a lot of money on these, almost $10k at a time. It might be a good market to tap into, dealing with clean people who have a lot of money.

Image result for lsd in silicon valley"You can choose to sell it either in drop format or in tablets. The entrepreneurs who use it micro-dose which means they use a little bit every single day. These people have the money and the inside circles to grow your business drastically. Some of the employees of the biggest tech companies use LSD for their work and there usually aren’t that many suppliers out there. Less competition equals more opportunity. I’m pretty sure it’s very easy to sell L on the clean streets of Silicon Valley.

Some of the best LSD comes from pharmaceutical type labs from the Netherlands. LSD is very hard to detect because it is odorless and compact, in fact the airport security will miss it. This is because airport security is not accustomed to handling LSD, they don’t know much about it, instead, they are trained in the mainstream drugs that you see on TV.

When you carry it on board the plane, you can conceal it in eye drop containers if you get it in liquid. If you get it in tablet form, usually a hard gel type that’s flat like a piece of paper, you can conceal it very easily in the back of books or in other secret hiding spots. Get creative when you smuggle them and don’t worry about the odor because it doesn’t smell.

Keep Your Hustle

Kenny K.




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