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Safety Protocol for When You Get Pulled Over

Getting pulled over may be a do or die situation so as criminals, we must get used to it. You must learn how to handle the cops and to know your rights. You must also have your safety procedures which you must follow. If you don’t have a game plan for when you get pulled over, you’re fucked so in this section we will do our best so that nothing bad happens to you.

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As seasoned professionals, we have to be ready for when shit hits the fan. Like the office workers have their fire drills, we need to practice for when disaster strikes. These are our procedures for when we get pulled over:

1. Pull Over
2. Turn off vehicle
3. Turn off music
4. Quick message to your #2 or any business associate. Could be a key word such as “cops”
5. Turn off cell phone, hide it or break it

*** You never want your phone blowing up in front of the cops
6. Clean, cover, and hide anything suspicious
7. If holding small quantities of drugs, swallow it
*** Drug runners: Always have a bottle of water in your car for this purpose

*** If you have a large amount, just stay cool. Never consent to any searches.
8. Ask the cops the reason why they pulled you over
9. Don’t answer any questions, you have the right to remain silent
*** Simply say “I choose not to answer that question”
10. Don’t consent to any searches even though you don’t have anything
*** Simply say “No”
11. Ask if you can leave. ***You always have the right to ask the police whether you’re free to go
• If they say yes, simply walk away
12. If they arrest you, they’ll read you your rights but say that you don’t understand
*** Always say that you don’t understand, or better yet don’t answer that question at all (They will be persistent but remain patient, after about 15 minutes they will stop asking)
13. Ask for an attorney
14. Keep your mouth shut if they ask you anything else

15. Don’t trust anything the cops say because they’ll try to mess with you psychologically. They may say that your partner set you up or make whatever excuse to get you to confess. Always ignore them and keep your mouth shut.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Make sure that all of your workers know what to do. Train them right and teach them right the first time. If they don’t get caught, you don’t get caught, so just follow the rules. The more situations you’re in, the better, but always remember that we can never fuck up. Practicing in real-time situations isn’t recommended, conducting actual drills will help immensely.

Stay disciplined and keep it real. Stay safe!


Kenny K.


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