setting the business hours for your business

Setting Your Hours

The hours of operations should reflect what kind of business you have along with the business strategy you are using. The open hours will vary depending on if you’re a big time seller specializing in kilos or if you’re a small time dealer selling grams. This is especially important for drug lines.

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It is true that the longer you are open, the more business you will get, but we must always be aware of the risks. The risks that the wholesalers face is much more than what the retailers face. The wholesalers have a lot to lose because if they get caught or robbed, they will automatically lose $35,000+ right there. Plus, the jail time on the possession of multiple kilos carries a much stiffer sentence than that of possessing smaller quantities due to kingpin charge.

Most of us don’t run ourselves but get other people to do it so we don’t care. But that’s the wrong approach. We should care because they are our men. We need to set the hours so that it’s not as risky for them. Assess the area and see what everyone else is doing. As your business hits a steady rhythm, you will know the slow times and the busy times. Adjust your hours from there. As for wholesalers they are different.

Wholesalers move quantities so their hours of operations are shorter. Also consider the logistics of it, it’s not so simple moving 50 kilos across the border because that’s not your everyday deal. You need to coordinate with the border guards, your men on the other side and get the money transferred to the accounts.

For some wholesalers they expedite the process to other sub-wholesalers or courier organizations so that they take the risk off of them. If we are wholesalers, we like to deal in the morning. The hours of operations will be 10am-12pm, only 2 hours per day. If the customer’s can’t fit that time, we give them other options so we work out a deal with sub-wholesalers so that they do the deal for us. We give them 10%-20% cut depending on how much quantity we move that day. They will be in charge of working the off hours in which we aren’t available.

If we are retailers, we would want to do research on the competition to see their opening hours. We will want to remain as competitive as possible with them within the bounds of our risk. In order to do this, we must research the characteristics of the area. So if the area is a quiet one and there are rarely any cars running after 10pm, we would want to shut down around 9pm. We also determine our times according to how aggressive the police are. If the police are very aggressive, we like to shut down our operations at an earlier time. We also adjust the hours depending on if we are having war with other groups.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

As you can see, the opening and closing hours between the wholesalers and retailers differ. The amount of risk involved reflects on the hours of operations. Now we would like to focus on the hours of operations which reflect on the business strategy.

When you are just starting out, you will want to be more available so that you get more customers so your opening hours will generally be longer. During this stage, you are concerned more on customer acquisition and don’t mind the risk. But as your business gets stable, you will want to set your own hours so that you make your customers follow.

If you are doing international business, you need to be aware of the time zones. If you have a client in Asia, their morning times will be your night time. We recommend setting a time to communicate so that you can negotiate the terms of the deal in one shot. The last thing we want is for the conversation to drag on for days. The real OGs still like phone calls, these people are usually 40-60 years old. The younger ones like pcp encrypted communications. Phone calls are the best instead of back and forth written communications because you can do it all in one shot.

And on a final note, when you promise that you are open certain hours, keep that promise. The more reliable you are, the more people will come. This is business and the customers want reliability in what to expect. If you close at 2am, leave your phones open until 2am except for in emergency situations. Adjust your hours accordingly.


Kenny K.


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