Be all in or get all out. There is no half way.


“If you’re not making at least a $1000 a day, you shouldn’t even be in the drug business.”

Like the title says, there’s no such thing as a part time drug dealer. I’m a firm believer that if you’re not putting your all into what you are doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all, especially in the drug trade. The drug industry is nothing to be playing around with. It is highly complex and involves a lot of risk. In fact, it takes total commitment and devotion to become a true professional at it.

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I often wonder about drug dealers who do it part time because my philosophy is that if you are to do something illegal, don’t just do a little of it, but to do it big. Think about it, the charges are the same even if you’re a part time or a full time drug dealer. The part time dealer would be trafficking less weight so the charges would be less, but in true essence, an arrest is an arrest. An ounce, a kilo, or a tonne; an arrest is an arrest. Go all in.

Part time dealers also face the same dangers that full time dealers face. We are all prone to getting killed, kidnapped, robbed, shot, arrested, and ratted on. So if this is the case, why even consider being part time. If they were thinking straight, part time shouldn’t be worth it at all. And another thing about dealing part time is that your business will grow much more slowly because your availability is inconsistent.

If you aren’t accessible to your customers, they will not follow you. Instead, they will go to the full time dealer who is available all the time. What these part timers don’t realize is that junkies want some kind of a reliability from a dealer. What junkies look for are 3 things: constant availability, speed of delivery, and quality of product. If any of these 3 are missing, the dealer is said to be unreliable.

Part time dealers can’t provide any of that. First, they’re not available all the time. Availability is limited to when they feel like working so the junkies will have to go to the other dealers when they’re not there. When this happens, the junkies will slowly begin to frequent them less due to their inconsistency. This will permanently damage and slow down the part timer’s business as there is no momentum in their business. There is no incentive for the junkie to work with them. The result is that the junkie will only use them as a last resort.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Second, the part timer’s speed of delivery will be slower than that of the seasoned vets. They won’t know the short cuts and the secret meeting spots for each delivery. It will also take time for them to decipher the code words that each customer uses. Taking time during deals is the worst, it exposes you to more risk because it puts you in a vulnerable state.

The third and final point is that the quality of the product that the part timers get will be of lesser quality. This is because the part timer will most likely be picking up ounces. Well, what comes before an ounce? A kilo. When a supplier breaks down a kilo, what do they usually do? They step on it. The further down the food chain you are, the lesser quality product you will receive. The general rule of thumb is that the more quantity that you get, the higher quality it is.

The seasoned vets have none of these problems. First, they are available all of the time. Second, their speed of delivery will be very quick as they are used to it. And third, their product will be of a higher quality because they will be picking up kilos. The full time dealer will also be more experienced and smart when they are dealing in certain situations because of their experience level. The part time dealer definitely lacks the experience that the full time dealers have so the cards are heavily stacked against them.

If you are going to do it, go big. You can make more and accelerate your life faster and easier. As you can see, there are no benefits in being a part time drug dealer other than that they have more leisure time. The thing is that they also face the same dangers that the full time dealers face. So is it worth it to be a part time dealer making pennies?


Kenny K.


  1. Have to disagree.

    Full time generally means you only do that one thing, doesn’t mean you’re always available…..and you shouldn’t be. You should have set business hours and have a day or days off.

    Dont let the game run you, or consume your life. The last thing you want is to be a 24hr, 7-eleven type hustler.

    Niggas selling big weight in most cases are not always available, they generally have certain hours you can call or pickup…..and most, don’t deliver.

    How high or fast you climb in the game is based on how much cash you have to invest, your street smarts, connections and clientele base….not whether you are full time or part time.

    P.S. If you have the right “connections” you don’t even need cash….just the other three things i mentioned.

    P.P.S If you can jump in high enough not to have to deal with “junkies” do it.


  2. Almost forgot, being full time or buying big weight does not garauntee higher quality or purity.

    All batches are not created equal. Some batches are made strictly for the nose candy crowd (this is “buffed” from the manufacturer, lol).

    Meaning, if you “drop” it, or try to “whip” it, it’s not coming back. Some batches are just bad, period. It turns black or brown or some crazy residue when cooked. It burns the nose or has a weird after taste or effect.

    Don’t think if you could just cop a whole one that its got to be legit. There are ways to check for purity. I will leave that to Mr. K to tell you.


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