Getting out. Your guide to leaving america

Get Your Money Out of America!

I’d like to make one thing clear: Get your money out of America. If you have your money in the American financial system, get it out immediately. Your money is not safe here, neither in Canada or America. The safest places to deposit your funds are in those countries where there’s corruption.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Asia and Africa are the hottest places to deposit your funds. Both of these continents have corruption and these are the types of places we like to deposit our money. Once we get our money into these countries, it will make it very difficult for the government to access it. The government will only put out extreme efforts if your money is of a substantial amount, lets say in the seven figure range.

Go get yourself a passport and travel to Asia or Africa. The top spots to open up bank accounts in Asia are Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia. Hong Kong is said to be curbing money laundering but if you know people working in the financial sectors, they can process your money without it getting detected. This is a financial hub, it’s recommended that you have at least one bank account there.

The whole anti-money laundering scheme that the international committee is pushing on Hong Kong will not work because the people in the industry will not fully comply. Sure, there have been 92,115 suspicious transactions reported last year, up from 42,555 in 2015 but the banks have to compete with each other and these people will do anything to get their numbers up.

If Hong Kong is cracking down, we go to China. In China, money is king. China has become an international gateway for major laundering schemes. Here is a good system:

  1. Send your money to a bank account of another country, Europe is preferred (Latvia, Estonia, Russia, or wherever you have connects)
  2. Bounce these funds to a bank account in China
  3. Withdraw the money so it’s all in cash in China
  4. Use that money to purchase Chinese merchandise
  5. Bribe the Chinese vendor to issue fake receipts to your shell companies creating a legal paper trail
  6. Send your money to a country of your choice other than Canada or America where the false invoices will make it look like you have a legitimate profit

In Africa, pretty much anywhere is good because there’s a lot of corruption. Nigeria is one of the top places for this, while others go to Sierra Leone. Housing is cheap there so go buy yourself a house while you’re at it. In countries such as these, you’ll need to keep bribe money on you. If you have modest money, you will live like a king. Africa is not like they show it on TV, it’s fully developed with big cities and metropolitan areas.

Get your connections to these countries in the places where you live. Go to where the immigrants are and become friends with them. We built up our connections this way while they introduced us to their connects overseas. We got lucky in some cases but if you are what you are and if your destiny calls for it, you’ll attract these types of people in your lives.

This game isn’t just one country anymore. Get used to being international.

Most of the guys I know have already gotten their money overseas and when they need the money, they just withdraw it from the ATM. Although there are limits to withdrawing from the ATM, you can live a modest life if you do this everyday.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.


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