poker chip stacks

The Proper Way to Play Your Chips

Most d-boys get the definition of spending their dollars twisted. When d-boys hustle, they just stack their dough and spend their money on useless shit. Some of them choose to buy foreign cars and designer clothing. Some go to strip-clubs and pick up the finest hos. Yeah I was guilty of that but that shit got old when I started getting eyes on me. It’s time to realize that this leakage of money is blocking your ability to get bigger.

We need discipline. Discipline like never before. We’re no longer going to be like the last generation of dealers. This generation, people are actually going to make it, go legit and make it big. I’ve seen too many big cats go down. Big cats with plenty of potential. Fuck that stereotype shit, we’re not here to show off. We’re here to live and to build our future outside of the game.

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Live that fancy life later after you get out the game and start raking in that legit money in a major way. You don’t need to try hard and show off. We feel you. We know you got money so don’t worry about it. You don’t need to show your paper. We already know. If you’re low key, we know that you’re playing it right so don’t worry about it. You making major money, we understand.

What we’d like to say is this: Don’t spread your money too thin. Only spend what you can afford. Many d-boys get caught in a trap, their monthly expenditures grow through the roof. Some spend $20-30Gs a month just to keep up with their lifestyle. These people don’t realize but they’re getting caught in the rat race. They need to hustle harder to keep up with their expenses and some don’t even have enough money to show for because they spent it all as soon as it came in.

Invest your money into the proper things. Instead of spending it on hos, hire people. You need employees. You need a crew. And you can build it with that money that you spend on hos. You can put 10 people in your roster instead of spending it on one ho.

Many people seek a profit from the very beginning. If you really want to establish yourselves, don’t do it for profit in the beginning. Do it for building a crew. Do it for building a solid infrastructure.

Get a couple pads for rent. Get a couple regular cars. Get guns. Get more dope to sell. Get more people in your crew. Look at everyone in your payroll as insurance for your survival on the streets. Don’t mind if your employees becomes your major expense. Having 50 people in your crew and being able to pay them off is way more beneficial than having a $100Gs in your bank.

Level up your business

Instead of buying that nice whip, why don’t you invest in a couple of rental pads? How many pads do you have at your disposal?

Instead of buying those fancy clothes, why don’t you up your security? Get more phones or hire a manager to look after the low-lows. Protect yourself. Separate yourself from the streets.

Instead of going to the club, why don’t you go shopping for businesses, investments, real estate. Be smart with your money. Go shopping for the right stuff.

As a boss, you’ll have a lot of spare time because your people are doing all the work for you. That’s when you built up a proper business system that runs itself. Some choose to party and to live the good life. We chose to shop around for investments, businesses, real estate, etc. We studied, we traveled, we set up off-shore bank accounts, we bought assets overseas.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

We bought overseas where the living costs were low. Those countries where you can live like a king for $20 a day. Houses are cheap there. And if you’re on the run, you can just go there to lay low. You can stretch a $100Gs and live off it for 20-30 years in those countries. Think ahead. This world isn’t just America. This world is global.

Kenny K.


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