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Hide Your Plug

Everyone wants a piece and are out doing their own thing, there’s no such thing as loyalty in this game. No matter how loyal you think others are, if you introduce them to your plug, they’ll find no need for you. They’ll go straight to the plug, cutting you out of the equation.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

This is a source of frustration among dealers and are a major reason for disputes. In order to prevent this kind of stuff from happening, keep your plug far away. A good plug is a good income source, so keep them for yourselves at all costs.

Most plugs, if they’re really big time and smart about it, they won’t want to deal with new comers. If they’ve been dealing with you for a long time, the trust is already there. They won’t want to mess around with new cats that they don’t even know. Instead, they’ll keep you on their roster so that it insulates them from the streets. In turn, they’ll make you take the risk while you get a profit from it.

But most plugs out there are only middle-men of middle-men, as everybody’s hustling for the piece of the pie. This whole game works like a pyramid, with the low-lows fighting over the cookies and crumbs. Everybody on the streets are trying to one-up each other and trying to cut each other off.

If there’s someone trying to cut you out, don’t do business with them anymore, cut all ties with them. The most important thing is to brush it off and to not hold a grudge. I know it’s tough but instead, take it as a blessing. Now you know the true color of the person you thought you were cool with. And now that you know, you can cut them out of your life and work with the people who have always remained loyal.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

And it’s better to find out the true colors of the people early on in your careers while you’re still establishing yourselves. In fact, when you’re first starting out, there’ll be a lot of trials and errors, going through a whole bunch of people. But don’t let that get to you, think of it as refining yourselves. As time goes on, you’ll only begin to deal with a select few that’s proven themselves time and time again. Until you get to that point, keep on observing people and testing them.

We liked to test people early on when we did our first deal together. Before we’d do the deal, we’ll leave a hundred dollar bill on the floor which is clearly visible. When the boy comes in, we’d tell him to wait and we’ll leave the room for a couple of minutes. When we enter back, we’d check if the dollar bill is still there. Some take it, some don’t. For those who took it, we’d get them right there and tell them to fuck off.

This world is a big place and there’s many dealers and many connects that you haven’t even discovered yet. Hang out at places other than your locale to get these connects. It’s all about expanding your reach. You need to travel farther if you want to expand your distribution and your connects. Only roll with cats who remain loyal who don’t play that sneaky shit. If somebody tries to cut you out or rip you off, take it as a blessing because now you know their true colors.

What’s more important? Making a little extra money or fucking up a true friendship? Think about it.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.



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