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Taking Risks on Alliances

Back in the days, we were top 3 where we did our business. The #1 obviously didn’t like it because we grew our market share in a span of 6 months. They were scared that they might lose their top spot because a majority of our customers came from them. Everybody feared the #1 because they did crazy shit but we already knew how they rolled and took the challenge.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Some of the crazy shit they did and what I found out later:

  • They found and beat up their customers if they picked up from someone else, even the junkies. They literally forced them by gun point that they have to do business with them.
  • They had people calling the cops on the competition everyday
  • They got some geeks who hacked into phones and directed their calls to their phones, so our phones would be dead for a hour until we noticed it
  • They’d call our phones non-stop and play bullshit recordings

This kind of bullshit, we didn’t stand for so we took a stand. They were doing it to us and they were doing it to everybody in the city. Nobody liked them. So we collected all of our competition’s phone numbers from the junkies on the street. Then we proceeded to contact them, saying we just want to talk. Some were too scared to respond but some did, especially the #2.

We knew that everybody hated the #1 and we’d start the meeting like that.At first, they’d think it’s a set up so they’d have a couple cars filled with people the first couple of meetings. From there, they heard our message and we formed an alliance to defeat the #1. A couple groups pooled their resources together and we built a strategy from what we knew.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

We knew this bitch who went to school with the top dog. We found out where his mother lived and we also found out that his dad owned a pizza restaurant. We also found out that he had a music business.

3 weeks later, his dad’s pizza restaurant burned to the ground. All the rappers from the music business we signed to a different label, some who resisted, we’d strip naked and take photos of them to blackmail them so they couldn’t do shit. Held his parents for hostage for $250,000 and got him to shut down his operations gracefully. All men posted at his properties so they couldn’t do shit. 4-5 groups against one, what they gonna do. They not so tough after all eh, especially if they don’t have the cops by their side.

We took a risk and it worked.If you have an enemy that everyone hates, use that to your advantage. Team up and take them down, especially fucking rats like these. Calling the cops is a number one disgrace, that’s why we got ruthless on them. If you see beef, use that to your advantage, it works especially if you have a mutual enemy.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Kenny K.



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