drug dealer neighborhoods

Business Strategy

In the game, it depends how you play it, it’s how you position yourselves that really matters. This can go for building up phones for both retail and wholesale. Today we’ll show you some business strategies that anyone can use:

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

  1. Choose a state where the drug laws are more lenient. Choose several of them and make one of them your home base. Try to stay away from the ones with severe drug laws.
  2. One area at a time to start. If a city’s too big, divide it into parts and designate each phone to them. Focus where you spend your energies, you don’t want to be running around like crazy unless you’re moving big weight. 1 hour travel to make a $40 sale, hell no. We set our radius to 30 minutes unless the phone’s blowing up with 40 customers waiting.
  3. In the beginning stages of your career, don’t focus on stacking the paper for yourselves, instead, focus on reinvesting back in your business. Focus more on building your crew. The profit you make, create a crew and distribute the money to them. The more people you’re able to feed determines the numbers in your crew. Profitability can come later. Right now you need muscle. Be able to feed at least 20 if you really want to make power moves.
  4. If you hold the purest product and can beat any price, you belong at the top of the food chain. Focus on the right supplier that can cater to this. To get connections like this, focus on getting connects near the border states. Pay attention to how the drugs move across the country and get to the beginning point. East, West, North, South, it depends on the types of drugs. The places where there’s sea ports or land borders are best to make these connects.
  5. Choose one business specialty. If you’re in retail, focus on retail. If you’re in wholesale, focus on flipping the keys. If you’re a middleman, focus on facilitating the deals. The more specialized you are, the more those kinds of clients will appear. We also suggest that you stick to 1 or 2 drugs, not anything more.
  6. Choose places with  money. We like to focus on middle-class neighborhoods. Some focus on boom towns where there’s a lot of industry taking off, such as in the oil industries. We target areas where there are people with money. 
  7. Different states have different prices. If you see a price disparity, capitalize on them. Cigarette smugglers do it too so why can’t you.
  8. Watch the news. If there’s a major drug bust, the market will be open. This is why the drug game is so exciting, as people get taken down, their customers have to go somewhere. Fill in the gaps which have appeared. Focus on wide open markets where you can build a position.
  9. If your area is too competitive or if you have mad beef in one area, simply abandon and switch up locations. The world is a big place and if you choose a different city, there may be luck in it. Certain competition handle themselves differently in each city, some are not so violent as others.
  10. Instead of starting up the operations yourself, get other people to start it for you. Pay them a salary and some commissions from their sales. Their sole job is to simply grow the phone line and to become the district manager of it. In turn, you provide the protection and the product. You can have 5 start ups and assess their potential after a couple of months. Shut down the ones which aren’t working and focus your efforts only on the profitable areas.
  11. If you’re selling in a predominantly Black Neighborhood, White neighborhood, Asian neighborhood, Latino neighborhood, hire employees based on that area’s race. Black employees sell in black areas. White employees sell in white areas. Asian employees sell in Asian areas. Latin employees sell in Latin areas. 
  12. The drug game is clicky, if you want to build connects, it may be better off to associate with other races. They got different networks than us so use that to your advantage. There may be even better opportunities for you because money doesn’t discriminate.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.

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