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The Yakuza Mentality

The Yakuza’s mentality takes on a more spiritual approach, it stems from humble beginnings. They are the modern day Samurai. They know what they’re getting into and they know what they want out of it. They’re not evil at all, all they are, are people like you and me. Their journey to life just takes on a different approach than the rest.

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These are the mentality which the Yakuza practices:


We accept everything that happens in life because we believe that all life events are predetermined. We believe that our destiny is chosen for us before we were even born. We each have a special role to play in this life and we accept it, therefore we are not scared of death or any other outcome in life.

In the spirit world, it is believed that before we were born, we choose a life and a lesson that we want to learn, then we are sent to the womb and born as a human to experience what we had already chosen. As we live and learn those lessons, we die and bring it back to the after life. Everything is meant to be and there is no such thing as a coincidence.

Yin and Yang

Everything has it’s polar opposites. You cannot experience true happiness without suffering. There cannot be hot without cold. There is no up without down. There cannot be evil without good. We can suppress and disperse of negative energy by concentrating on its polar opposite. We can always turn a negative into a positive if you focus on the other extreme.

The 4 Seasons

Everything and anything in this universe is governed by the 4 seasons. After Winter, there is Spring, after Spring, there is Summer, after Summer, there is Fall, and after Fall, Winter. Our relationships, businesses, luck, health, and personal growth, all correspond according to the 4 seasons. Pay attention to which season you’re in and always assess which season is next. After a high, there will be a low. After a low, there will be a high. Preparation is a must.


We believe in reincarnation. We have lived multiple past lives and will continue to live multiple lives after we die. This is why we’re not afraid of death because we know that we’ll be reborn again. Being loyal and self-sacrifice will be carried on as good omens in the after life. There is nothing to fear in this life.


We believe in the laws of karma. Every bad that you do will come back to you. Every good that you do will come back to you. That is why as criminals, we commit crimes strategically. We know that karma will hit at some point so we try to mitigate the risks that we get from it.

We also do many good things for society as well so that we balance the karma. The good that we do will eliminate the bad karma, thus maintaining the balance of life.

The bigger the crime, the bigger the karma. This means that if we commit smaller crimes, the karma will be smaller. Commit crime in flurries and once you commit the crime, wait until the karma is repaid. This way, the karma is restarted and no big karma will hit you back. Commit the crime, wait for the karma, and then keep on going. Just don’t let karma pile up.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.

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