how to cook crack cocaine

Stretching/ Buffing the Coke

When a major supplier goes down, there usually is a drought. This shortage of drugs will last until the supply route gets up and running, until then, the only option is to stretch the product or sell something else. That’s when cooking crack becomes an art form, your ability to stretch the product and buff it becomes an priority. We don’t recommend buffing your product but if the market is dry, you’ve got to, to keep your customers and your business running.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

During times of drug shortages, a lot of junkies who use dope switch from smoking crack to using heroine because it’s cheaper and the high lasts longer. Many dealers make the conversion during this time to selling heroine to make up for their lost coke money. When the supply route of coke is established again, they end up with 2 flourishing businesses which isn’t a bad deal.

Image result for baking soda"
For every batch, use brand new, never opened box of baking soda

During times of drought, the prices go up and the quality goes down. Sometimes droughts are artificially caused by the big boys so that they can rake in more cake (that’s only if they have a real strangle hold of the market). That’s why it’s always best if you have a couple wholesalers lined up. A couple of local ones and an out of stare contact.

If you’re picking up in ounces, the quality will already be bad because the dope will be stepped on. Never ever pick up cooked crack ever, always pick up in powder form and cook it yourself so that they can’t tamper with it. Many people will be stockpiling kilos, cooking it up, buffing it, and selling it to the other dealers. Try to pick up in original packaged kilos during this time, no matter how expensive the prices are to keep your business going. As you continue feeding your business, you should be going out of state establishing connections with the other dealers, building up new supplier connections.

When stretching product, use super buff. You can also use benzocaine, glutamine but super buff (phenacetin — a pain-relieving compound) is best. Get a normal ounce, 28 grams. Baking soda, 7 grams. Always 4:1 ratio (cocaine: baking soda). Cook it as normal but add 4 grams of buff to it, it will increase your product yield. Also when you cook it, cook it at medium heat so that you don’t burn off the product. When times are hard, every gram matters.

My business is in cocaine so I only specialize in cocaine. Specializing in one drug has it’s benefits because the world of drugs is vast. With a 100 types of drugs out there, it’s hard to become a master of it all. That’s why we all need to specialize in one or two drugs so that we become an expert and conquer those markets. You never hear of a big timer that’s slanging 10 different types of drugs, it’s always 1 or 2 different types of drugs that they move tonnes of.

In times of drought, buff. Otherwise sell pure. It’s also good to pay attention to the news, if a major supplier or gang gets busted, check out the quantities they got caught with. Go take a look and check out the market, the market will be filling in the gaps with all dealers taking up their positions. Wherever there’s a drought, there’s an opportunity. Go fill it.

Kenny K.



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