when dealing with robberies

Got Robbed? Dealing with Robberies

Many high profile gangsters and hustlers experience getting robbed at least once in their lives, it’s just a part of the industry. Stash spot raided? Crack house raided? Marijuana Grow op raided? That’s understandable. You caught someone’s eye and they viewed you as a suspect. The bigger you are, the more this kind of shit can happen.

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The people who do robberies, do it for a living, they live off the illegal proceeds of others. These are the people who don’t give a fuck, they really don’t have anything to lose. They’ll just roll up to a high profile candidate, jack them up, and try to get away with it. They don’t give a fuck what happens after because that’s how they roll. What we can tell you is that these people have very short life spans because their head has a price on it, everyone’s gunning for them.

Most of us will order hits or rob those people who robbed us because that’s the part of the game. We had a large marijuana grow up, 20 lights. It was cropping time and I guess one of the crews noticed what we were doing. They broke in the house at like 4 in the morning. They came with sawed off shot guns, ski-masks cloaked over their faces. Lucky for us, we had security cameras, pagers for the marijuana farmers to alert us. Pager went off, checked the message, got up, grabbed our guns, and rolled out. It took them awhile to get through the barricaded door so by the time they went in, we were able to block off their van in the drive way so they can’t get out, took out the driver and then proceeded from there. We managed to stop them but had to hide what had happened. Shit got real serious real quick.

There’s 3 types of robberies, the first kind comes from complete strangers, those who rob for a living. The second kind is the nastiest, they are insiders, someone in your crew. The third is from the cops, that’s when you get a high profile lawyer or make a run for it.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

If you just got robbed, switch locations right away because if they got away with a large score, they’ll for sure be back. Switch up your cars as well and turn the privacy of your phone to the highest because some crews are so tech savvy that they can tell where you are just by you holding your phone. Some will also put GPS trackers on your car once they verify you as a suspect. Also check out this article for security procedures.

For inside jobs, information will leak as time goes on on who did it. Be aware whenever a huge deal takes place, these insider jobs often takes place at the perfect timing when there’s a house flush with cash or re-upped dope. I got robbed by my best friend, was still rolling with him when I noticed something suspicious. He was selling dope on the side, he got away with 10 kg at the time. He was asking people around him if they wanted large quantities which was uncharacteristic of him because I was the main source. Where could he have gotten all this dope from and why were the prices so cheap? Gave my other buddy $20,000, got the dope, looked at the stamp and the packaging and I knew it was him. At a party, slipped something in his drink and then kidnapped him. Held him in a basement tied up for a couple days, got him to confess to everything. I didn’t want to kill him at the time so I slashed his face and cut off one of his fingers, typical Asian style. Then got a golf club, knocked out all of his teeth, drove him down the highway towards the mountain, stripped him of all his clothes and threw him out on the streets butt naked. Never heard from him again. He was half alive at the time so I’m pretty sure a passer-by rescued him.

All the big dealers form circles where they all watch out for each other. If someone got robbed and a new comer is trying to slang kilos at exactly the same time, we alert one another. We make a deal with them, check out the dope and find out whose it is. If the dope was from one of us, we arrange for another deal and that’s when we get them. We don’t kill them right away though, we kidnap where we can and get all of the information on their activities and the whereabouts of their stash spots. Never ever kill on the spot if you want some of your stuff back.

Also pay attention to your future life ahead of the game before you consider killing anyone. You’re going to be living a legit life with all that dope money right? I hope that’s your goals. Us old gangsters knew no better because that was the time when shit was hot, when Biggie and Tupac beef was taking off with all the East West rivalry. A lot of real gangster rap and talking about that shit. Now you young gangsters know better with all the internet and stuff, you guys got it way better than us.

Don’t let getting robbed get to you, keep on focusing on your business and making the money. Resume business operations after you take care of a couple stuff, do what you can and focus on what you can. These are the steps which you should take:

  1. Switch up your stash spots
  2. Switch up your vehicles
  3. Turn your smart phone security to the highest level. Remove the location feature from all of your apps.
  4. Check your cars for any GPS devices
  5. Find out who did it by keeping your eyes on the streets
    1. Any new comers selling dope for cheap?
    2. Anybody asking people if they want similar quantities which you got robbed of?
  6. After you find out who did it, go get them
    1. If you know where they live, then it’s show time
    2. If you don’t know and if you have a suspect whose slanging suspicious dope, arrange the deal and see if it’s yours. If it is, arrange for the next deal and kidnap them or get somebody else to follow them back to their place. The slickest thing is to have a GPS tracker with you and drop it in their car when the deal takes place, that way you can track their movements from there.
  7. Resume normal business operations

To prevent these kinds of things from happening:

  • Never ever tell anybody of your stash spots or where you live, not even your bitch
  • Switch cars and stash houses every couple of months, have rotating pads 2 at a time where you have the option of moving when you wish
  • Turn your smart phone location feature off
  • Check if there’s any GPS trackers on your vehicles
  • Circle the block at least 3 times when you’re going to your main stash spot. By circling, you’ll know who’s following you. I know doing it every time is a hassle but do it anyways
  • Know all the cars on your block so that you’re able to notice suspicious vehicles
  • Don’t put all your money and your dope in the same place, separate them into 4 and hide them in different spots around the house. If the robbers find one, they’ll oftentimes think that they got everything and just jet out the house. Remember, these people are always in a hurry because they’re afraid of getting caught. Professional crooks always leave once they get the prize, or if they think they got all of it.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.




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