how drug dealers can finance cars and get mortgages for houses

Leasing Cars/ Mortgaging Houses

Last week, heard word from the grapevine that someone’s assets got seized: 3 houses, 2 cars gone from asset forfeiture. The pictures that were posted aren’t his by the way, just something from Google. The houses here ain’t cheap either, they’re worth about $2M for a tear down, that’s because the Chinese foreign buyers have pushed up our real estate prices so high.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Shitty news to the person who got caught but lets get real, he shouldn’t have bought all that stuff while he was still in the game. Understandable why he got caught because the way he lived was too high profile, a bit much for a medium caliber cocaine smuggler. 

Word is he put a down payment on the properties via bank draft. That means he was able to get that money in the bank somehow. He probably had multiple bank accounts to inject his money into the financial system. That’s alright, we read the language. He also had a cover person who put the properties under their name also. But the silliest thing I heard was that he got both the mortgages paid off in 7 years. He paid it off by doubling down on the payments and by using a windfall. How heat-score is that?

All you players in the game, we’d like to warn you. Never buy expensive shit while in the game. We’re serious. We’re not playing. Imagine all your hard work going down the drain. Remember El Chapo? Well, since he got caught, the US government can’t even find where $14 BILLION of his money’s at. 

You know the cops in Canada, they get loaned money from the government to run their operations. And how do they make their money to pay off the government? You guessed it, through asset seizures. Lately they’ve stopped doing investigations on big organized crime because it takes too long, so for the cash flow they started to target the smaller guys.

Also if you have a lawyer, know that you can pay off your legal fees by the liquidation of your assets. So if you do this, you can take some money away from the cops before they liquidate everything. Got it? Cut a deal with your lawyer and he will charge you a bit more. Maybe 25% more than usual so you get the money later.

When you want shit while in the game, rent it or lease it. Never own anything expensive. If you rent it or lease it, it’s like pay as you go. You only pay for the amount of time that you use it. But before you even do that, have a couple of friends with businesses cut checks for you so that it makes it seem like you’re working. Pay your taxes and stay low key. You guys take care and continue on with your business. Been real busy lately with the coming of the second book, also some shits going down in court.

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.

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