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Making it in the Drug Game

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This is one of the most dirtiest and grimiest businesses that ever exists, the end result is beautiful but what it takes to get there, nobody wants to talk about. Much like the experiences in jail, we all want to forget. That’s understandable but we need to teach these youth the truth so that they know what they’re getting into. Always be ready for it when you enter into this business.

What many main-stream rappers don’t admit is that they have never made it big in the drug industry, they just claim to be because it sells. When you do your research, many of these rappers haven’t even made it to the upper echelon, they just sold nickel and dimes, and single kilos if they were lucky. This just shows you how fake the media is and that they’re really hard to believe. They teach the youth the wrong message and train them to fail, right from the beginning.

Going back to the roots, this business is very hands on, still kind of in the stone age but getting there slowly. This is because we have nothing to build from, the past empires our predecessors had worked so hard for gets wiped out, clean to the point that it no longer exists. This causes us to have to start all over again from scratch, rebuilding the empires that our past predecessors have built. During the process, we lose some of their knowledge and know-how. This is why it’s so essential that we write all of this stuff down so that we can pass it on to the future generations.

Treat this business like any other legitimate business, and learn to differentiate between the lifestyle and your business. While you’re in the game, you can never live a normal life. If you treat it like any other job, that’s when it starts to get dangerous. While in the game, you should keep it low key, low key to the point that you don’t have a social life. Only step outside your house if you’re making money.

Never tell people what you’re doing.

Never flash your cash.

Never show that you have wealth.

If people start getting the sense that you’re successful, they’ll come after you. That’s how society is and that’s the way it always is. Jealousy is dangerous. Learn to blend in and camouflage. Never expose yourself or give out clues of your success. I know it gets hard when you start getting the cash but try not to indulge in the luxuries of life, at least for now.

Drive regular cars.

Wear regular clothes.

Don’t brag on social media.

Girlfriends or family is never recommended. Again, I will state that this is not a normal life, they could become a liability to you if they know too much. Think about it, if they are normal people and if their life gets threatened, they’ll get scared, either ratting you out or setting you up.

Normal people don’t have the nerves to go through what we go through, they’re a weaker species, not to be trusted when shit hits the fan. Normal friends, family, significant others, lose them all during your drug dealing career. You can go back to them later after all your business is taken care of. The game is to be done in solitude, not involving innocent people in your crimes.

Educate yourselves by reading “How to Sell Cocaine.” $8 will teach you the fundamental philosophy for you to prosper in the drug game.

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    1. Call forward the master phone to your worker’s phones and only touch it during shift changes. Focus on the places where there’s gaps to fill, like we used to check the news on where the big drug busts were and enter the markets there. Also out in the boonies are good because they have droughts. Once you get your business steady, change your number and only pass the new number to your good clients. Get the bad clients still phoning the old phone and then sell the old phone to someone. Keep all the good clients on the new phone and keep on shedding the bad clientele until all the people phoning your phone are of top quality.

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