expanding your drug empire

Thinking of Expansion

We all know that you have high aspirations. You want it all and now. It’s okay to think that way because that’s the reason we got into the game but what we want to say is to not spread yourself too thin.

Understand the reality of your resources. Time is one. Manpower is two. Money is three. In order for a great organization to thrive, all three must be present, working in unison, complementing each other. Each project that we’re involved in deserves the proper attention and care for it to prosper.

If we take on too many projects at once, our power and our ability to prosper will be greatly diminished. Focus on that one thing first, master it, then move on to the next. Focus on perfecting one thing first before going on to the second.

We see plenty of dealers out there with ambitious goals, often times taking on multiple projects at once. But if we take a closer look at what they’re doing, all of their projects are half-ass compilations of junk. If you want your operations to truly prosper, focus on that one thing and master it. Once you do that, you have your own permission to move on to your other projects.

Don’t worry about having to decline certain opportunities because most of those opportunities are start-up ventures. Remember that starting up from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, it’s also a gamble. Starting a start-up venture while still growing your bread and butter operations will enable your ability to prosper.

If an opportunity comes up that’s a turn-key operation, a business that’s already running and proving itself in profits, then you can consider it. Just make sure what you’re getting into and what you’re obligations are, or what they ask of you. This can only happen when your other operations are running itself with the use of managers. In order to do this, you must organize and restructure your business so that you don’t have to be there. Free up your time before taking on a new venture.

At times, there may be people who are willing to do the work, the only required fact is that you put down the capital. Ask yourself is it really worth it? Taking on potential reward for more risk? Stick with what’s already working and don’t let your greed make your decisions for you. Don’t let your greed make your decisions for you!!!

What we’re building is a business system then to replicate it. In order to do that, your system must be perfect. Spreading yourself too thin will deplete your resources and will get in the way of your ambitious pursuits.

Educate yourselves by reading “How to Sell Cocaine.” $8 will teach you the fundamental philosophy for you to prosper in the drug game. Book #2 is coming out soon which will cover the technical aspects of this business. 

Kenny K.



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