drug dealer etiquette

Big Time Drug Dealer Phone Etiquette

Do any of you guys use Google Maps to see where your deal spots are? There’s a proper way to use technology that you must learn as a criminal, if you’re not using it properly, it’s going to play you. Never compromise your own safety.

Never look up the address on Google Maps. The only way to use it is by not plugging in the addresses. In order to do this, you must physically know your geography. An old map book is still the best for drug dealers. Staying off the grid is the best bet for drug dealers.

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I know, technology is convenient but learn to go back into the times if you want to survive. The cops use technology to track drug dealers, if you’re mid-level and off the grid, they’ll be too lazy to catch you unless you commit a murder. Otherwise, they’ll be too busy chasing the latest drug dealers using the latest smart phones.

Instead of smart phones, get prepaid cell phones or cloned phones. By using these phones, there’s nothing that ties it to anyone and it’s difficult to prove who’s using it. In this business, you’ll constantly be changing phones, going through at least 10 a month.

The safest thing to do is to have each phone for specific purposes. If you want to go safer, assign a specific phone for communications with one specific person. By not mixing uses, your contamination rate will be less. If you use only one phone to do all your business and if the cops have already wiretapped it, they’ll know everything. Like in everything, you must diversify. Diversify your phone uses!!!

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Have at least 5 phones on you. You can separate them like this. Get them each in different colors. Black for the business managers. White for the connect. Green for the money launderers. Gold for your personal. Red for your shooters. Phone expenses are just a cost of doing business, never skip any steps and do this properly.

When communicating, never use text. Talking is the best form, the written word stays in there forever. When talking important stuff, switch phones every 2 minutes or so. A way to do this is to have one phone on your ear and the other phone in your lap. This is the easiest way to lose the cops. The phone in your ear, you’re using it to talk to the person. The phone in your lap has the person’s phone number in it, waiting to get dialed. Important stuff should be talked about in person so you should just set up a meeting spot during these conversations.

If you’re ever going to text, you must use sophisticated code. We like using the dictionary method. If you ever use this method, get a specific dictionary for everyone. Remember that the dictionary has to be the exactly same edition in order for this to work. For this method, for each word you want to communicate, you must look it up in the dictionary. Note which page it’s on and how many rows down it is.

So if you want to communicate: “10 kilos belmont street 9 morning,”

It’ll be like this “736:12     398:5     65:10      703:10     477:16      462:5

“Page 736, 12 rows down”

“Page 398, 5 rows down”

“Page 65, 10 rows down”

“Page 703, 10 rows down”

“Page 477, 16 rows down”

“Page 462, 5 rows down”

The book, “How to Sell Cocaine” that was previously banned is now back online, click here for further instructions on how to get it.

Kenny K.


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