rethinking drive by shootings

Rethinking Drive Bys

If people are really intent on killing, they wouldn’t be doing drive bys. Drive bys are a lazy person’s way of saying that they did the job. What they don’t realize is that their half ass nature alerted the enemy that there’s going to be a full out war. Also, they only wounded the enemy, what good is that?

Have you ever had this sort of thing happen before? Send a couple of young ones to kill someone and they come back saying that they shot up the place? And this made it harder to kill the enemy, let alone made it harder for you because a full-blown war was created from this amateur event.

What percentage of drive bys result in the actual killing of the target? It’s highly ineffective and when you miss, it leads to even more violence. We could even hit innocent civilians which could make things worse. We need to become more professional and do things the right way.

If you have an enemy, don’t you ever let them know that you’re going to attack them, hit them when they least expect it. Make your methods as effective as possible. Never attack in public places, always kill in private places, no witnesses. Make it swift and clean, guns are not the only method to kill someone.

Kidnapping the victim and taking them to a secure place to do the business is the best method. The more control you have over the process, the less the chances of getting caught. Dispose of dead bodies in a safe and secure place that you control, get rid of them in a method of your choice. Even the Mexican Cartels clean up some of the dead bodies after they kill, we should be responsible too. We don’t want to expose innocent people to the violence, especially the children.

A drive by shooting counts as an attempted murder charge, offenders spend at least 10 years in prison. For a job so incomplete, it’s a total waste of time. My wish is that you don’t have to kill anybody at all but if it does happen, do it professionally.


Kenny K.


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