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Drugs: Market Forecast 2018

Throughout our history, we have seen many drastic changes in our market. 10 years ago, coke sales far surpassed most drugs, but in the current times, the trend has began to shift. There has been a tremendous surge in all markets with new drugs entering the market, and the revitalization of old ones.

Coke has began to get more expensive throughout the years with the potency dropping. Meanwhile, meth, opiates, and marijuana has seen their potency increase and the price getting cheaper. There has also been a huge surge among prescription pills, especially in the opiate variations. What is this world coming to? Well, here we will show you the current trends which are happening with the Big 3. Meth deserves it’s own section so we will post it later on.


Cocaine sales are dropping in the US front, however, there is still a lot of product coming in from Mexico. The trend now is to use the US as an export base to both Asia and Europe. Since the US is an economic powerhouse with a clean reputation, it is easier to ship the drugs out of America to international markets.

Imagine shipping your drugs internationally from Columbia or Mexico, it will get searched every time. Each time that you make a shipment, the risk will be very high. By distributing through the US, the chances are lower of getting caught. The US is one of the biggest exporters in the world, take advantage of this.

Since the prices have sky rocketed, the potency in the street level has dropped drastically. The current trend is that dealers need to buff their products so that they can get their desired profit margins. The purest product is available near the border states. Maybe we need to raise the prices for retail.

There will always be a need for cocaine and even though it may not be profitable on the domestic front, it provides the dealers opportunities to expand overseas. Europe is a perfect destination for this but you’ll need to find a clever way by using an export company or freight forwarder.


The heroine trade has trickled up. However, there is new competition with prescription pills. Opiates are getting popular in the US as everyone has a need to slow down their life. This trend will continue to grow throughout the years.

Most of the heroin comes into the US from Mexico nowadays, this is because they have been ramping up their productions there. Marijuana farming is still popular but the price per pound has dropped since it has became legal in the US, more reason to ramp up their heroin productions.

The heroin from Mexico is targeted at the US because of it’s close proximity, also for export purposes. Although it happens, it does not make economical sense for Mexico to sell heroin to European and Asian markets due to high competition from the Golden Triangle and Middle Eastern regions.

Heroin dealers also have to watch out for competition from the big pharma companies. The government is distributing a massive quantity of prescription opiates to get a slice of the heroin market. To counter this, drug dealers have began to manufacture and sell counterfeit pills which mimic what the government is selling. Although counterfeit, these pills still have the same potency, they are just marketed differently, you can get them from China.


The marijuana market has changed with the trend towards legalization. There are legal pot dispensaries which are in direct competition with the dealers. The cropping up of these businesses have taken a share of the market. Drug dealers need to watch for consistency in their service and their quality of product. If we don’t do something now, it will get harder to compete with the pot dispensaries.

However, a way to compete with them is to focus on a niche. If you can get your hands on some strains which aren’t found at the dispensaries, it will give you a winning edge. In Canada, the pot industry is changing, there are countless variations of weed strains but next year they’re going to cut it by half. This provides some growers an opportunity to compete in the black market with their own unique strains.

The growers who are growing it illegally are having a tough time since the price of the pound has dropped. This is due to over-availability of the drug. It is now legal in many states which has big companies mass-producing marijuana at very low prices. Although the price of a pound has dropped, the retail price still remains the same. This is good news for us because the profit margins has increased.

The growers will have to hang on for a little while longer and see how the market goes, in the meantime, they can focus on producing new and better strains. As for the dealers, they can work on capturing the customers which the legal marijuana dispensaries has taken. They can beat them by having late night delivery services, delivery to their doorstep, or by selling special strains not available at the dispensaries.

It’s also a good time to get into the marijuana stocks in Canada. It’s getting legal in the province of BC next year, and Alberta and Quebec has already said that they’re going to legalize it. If you get in now, it may be worth it for later.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.

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