drug dealers invest in real estate

Invest in Real Estate

The one human requirement that is always essential is a house. No matter what happens in your life, you will always need a place to stay. A house, or houses is the best investment that you could ever make because even if you fuck up, you’re still left with a place to stay.

Most dealers choose to invest their money into other things such as clothing, cars, and women, we advise you to stay away from that. Many of the dealers that I knew chose to invest in the latter, and 10 years down the road, I see them on the streets. Meanwhile, the smart ones are getting passive income and own successful businesses, they’re doing very well for themselves.

Be smart with your money, ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE!!! What you buy now will pay dividends to you in the future, clothing and cars will not. If you can, get a real estate license, this will do many wonders. By being a real estate agent, you only have to do business for yourself, so you do your own transactions and you will do very well.

There are many benefits to being a real estate agent. The first and obvious reason is that you can launder money. The second one that most people don’t recognize is that you will meet a lot of wealthy people. This is a perfect opportunity to network and to get to know the movers and shakers of the city. The third one, it’s a good disguise to being a drug dealer if you like to look nice. The fourth reason, you can check out the best real estate deals on the market and snap them up as it comes along.

Remember, as a drug dealer, we get a lot of income, some of us might be earning upwards of $400,000 a month. If this is the case you might be panicking of what to do with your money. You always need about 50% of your money to pay for the product, your workers, and other cash expenses, so you have the other $200,000 just sitting there. Unless your business grows exponentially, that $200,000 isn’t gonna get touched.

Sitting money is the worst thing that you can do. First, it could get stolen and second, it could be put to proper use. If you’re going to buy your first piece of real estate, own a business to buy the real estate. By using real estate companies or other companies, you hide your true identity. Buy a business first, wait a year, cook the books, and buy the house next.

Instead of setting goals such as getting a $100,000, you can set goals like buying 5 houses. You see, if you make it like a game, it’s much easier to reach. If you buy 5 houses, it will also provide you with passive income that you can live off of after you retire the game. Remember, as drug dealers, we cannot sell drugs forever. Think about the future and always prepare yourself for a brighter future. KEEP GOING FORWARD!!!

Kenny K.



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