dealing with hits, an attempt at survival, life preservation

Dealing with Hits/ Surviving Death

When deep in the game, when you find yourself becoming high profile, depending on how you got there, you may have some hits on you.  In these scenarios, some survive and some do not. If you display yourself as being successful, enemies may latch on according to how they see you, that is why being low profile is so important.

The reason why hits get placed are for a few reasons:

  1. Aggression towards the enemy
  2. Being perceived as a threat by knowing too much information
  3. Someone wants your market share

In my case, I took too much market share. Due to the fact that my competition was horrible at customer service, I quickly grew to become one of the top 3 dealers in my state. Along the way, many of their customers switched over to me. The OG dealers got mad and we tried to work out a deal, they wanted to put a tax on me but I refused. I told them to go fuck it and the whole war started.

Before I stepped foot into the game, I already knew all the big boys in the game, their reputation, who they hanged out with, which areas they frequented, and what they controlled. Doing a thorough competitive analysis while you’re still small time will pay dividends because when a war starts, you know exactly where to hit.

My competition didn’t know a thing about me, they only knew what car I drove. The first week, they shot up some cars that looked like mine, I knew this because they followed up with me via phone call after each attack. Every time they missed except for one occasion when they recruited one of my customers to set me up, then this happened:

Scenario #1

One time I got a call from a dealer I used to do business with, except this time, the order was somewhat bigger. He would usually pick up 6 ounces at a time but this time he ordered a kilo, somewhat surprised, I delivered it, except this time it was different.

We met in an underground parking lot, I was driving my Ford F-150 at the time and pulled in, the dude was in his car parked right up against the wall. I see him and pull in parked right next to him, he was alone. He usually gets in my car real quick but he waits in his car, I roll down my window and say “Hey, come in.” All of a sudden, this black car pulls up and pins my truck between the wall, I’m trapped.

A guy wearing a ski mask steps out with a gun pointed at me, he begins to walk up to my window. As soon as I saw him approaching, I put my truck in reverse and stepped on the accelerator, I rammed his sedan all the way to the other side, and managed to free myself to escape. As I made an exit out of the parking lot, there were about 20 guys rushing in. I ran them over and escaped. There was only a couple of dents on my car and a couple of blood stains but aside from that, I survived unscathed.

Lesson #1 Never ever place yourself in a position where you can get trapped. When parking, choose open places with an escape route. Luckily I was driving a bigger vehicle than him, that is how I am still alive. There are many other examples but it would take forever to list them all so I will write them in the future.

When you have a hit on you, take it seriously, if they attack you, it means it’s on, they will never stop unless you work out a deal with them or kill them. The attacker always feels superior to the one getting attacked, but by doing your homework, you can play the strategy of looking weak and then attacking.

When the enemy’s ego allows to make them think that they’re superior, they underestimate the opponent. When this happens, they put their guard down, thinking that it’s easy. If you did your market research before there was even a problem, you can hit them where it hurts and defeat them easily.

It’s essential to have a crew that is keeping eyes on your competition for you. Groups that we used for this purpose were called warriors, we gave them protection and they took care of people. They also damaged our enemies by looting their stuff, a part of their pay check. If we happened to know their locations, and have their descriptions, they’ll hit them up immediately.

Most of the guys, we got their names and found them on Facebook. They were very easy to take care of since they posted their entire life on Facebook and Instagram. Never ever post anything on social media, you shouldn’t even have it when you’re in the game. If you have one, erase it right away. The cops and your enemies will have the upper hand if you choose to have it.

Sometimes we knew who their enemies were and set up a meeting with them. In the meetings, we made an arrangement to defeat our mutual enemy. We also worked out which areas we would share and divide the area into future territories. We always made it look advantageous to them by giving them the busiest areas, a part of the plan to entice them to finish the enemy off quickly.

Kenny K.



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