big changes in the illegal drug industry

Big Changes Within the Drug Industry

The current state of the game is misery, it’s a never ending cycle of murder and violence, treachery and deceit, and people going from riches to rags. The game is already made up folks, by your very own government, the Western world. It’s already set up to bring misery: for the drug users, the by-standers around them, and to the people who are selling them.

But you know what, we can reverse this trend. Only if we were smart enough and banded together, would this game work. I’m pretty sure that if all drug dealers worked together in unison would all of us succeed. Not only will it benefit the people but to the drug users as well, by providing them with pure product and helping solve their addictions. I know that those who have made a fortune in the drug trade would give back to addiction centers and bring positive changes within the community. Helping people is a part of human nature, drug dealers are no different.

We only need one chance, that’s why we all chose to sell drugs, to escape out of poverty. If you come from an impoverished background, it’s common logic that one would do anything in their power to get out. That’s why there are so many drug dealers, these are all people who are looking to better themselves. They don’t mean to hurt the world, they had no other way, they already know that working at McDonald’s is never going to get them ahead.

If this society were not so lop-sided, or overly capitalistic, this kind of trade would never exist. If the media was more responsible and didn’t show glamorized images of drug dealers or drug users, there wouldn’t be this much of a problem in this world. This world is fucked up but we have to do the best with it, and to improve on it.

We need to snap out of the Western way of thinking because it is all wrong. It might have started off with good intentions but somewhere down the line, it got infiltrated, now it is being used against us. The dangers of the media are very big, many fake news going around, deceiving people. Which source do we trust, we don’t even know anymore. We are blindly walking through life not knowing the truth.

If we all work together and respect each other, there would be no murders anymore, there wouldn’t be any shady business. If one group governs over all OR if all groups work in unison would the game be a better place. This competitiveness is killing us, only if we worked together.

We all must understand that this game is not forever, it’s only a stepping stone to get to where we want to go, a chance for the poor to become rich and to do something better with their lives. The game exists for a purpose, only if we learned to use it properly would the game be of benefit to mankind.

Look how far this thinking has gotten us. It’s time to change this and to look for better ways which benefits us all. And we mustn’t forget the drug addict, we must invest some portion of our funds into bettering this problem. And to make this situation better, we must overtake the media and control all the content on it as there is too much negativity going on in this world. We must gather our money and buy these media companies out so that we get to control things, and do the things that are necessary.

Kenny K.

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