international drug dealing

International Drug Smuggling

International business is the safest way for drug dealers, it’s the cornerstone to a long and profitable venture. If we are to succeed, we must get familiar with their customs. This is important, especially in the illegal industries because one wrong move could get you killed.

Everyone who is big-time knows that at the upper echelons business is done properly, only at the lower rungs do we ever need to watch out. When looking for international business partners, work with groups who have experience dealing internationally, better if it’s with your country; otherwise both sides inexperience could amount to nothing.

The main points to watch out for are their business styles, one can never get too frustrated in this regard. Most business people are good with keeping their word but if you venture out into third world countries, things may seem a little unorganized: no cell phones, they don’t come on time, you don’t know who’s coming, etc. Think of the pros, if they can get you an unlimited supply of potent product at a bargain, it’s definitely worth the hassle.

Pay attention to language, if you can’t speak their language, learn it. To further your communications, recruit gang members in multiple ethnic backgrounds. Having people from different countries in your group may pay dividends because they may have established connections in their home countries.

The larger the deal, the safer it is, international business partners enjoy long-term partnerships. This is a fact because it takes a long time for these people to establish connections, once they find a good one, they want to deal with them for as long as they can. It’s also much harder to shop around in foreign countries unless you’re well connected in the region so in most cases, the first or second introductions become their go-to choice.

Pay attention to the currency when dealing, if they like to receive in their local currency, the price will be cheaper, this is because they don’t have to go through the hassle of converting their money into their local currency. Keep in mind the exchange rates and if you’re in a continual business relationship, have a stockpile of that currency.

For international business in third world countries, cash is accepted but in first world countries, bank transfers or asset transfers are accepted. This also depends on the volume that you’re processing, any transaction larger than a $100,000 should be done through off-shore bank accounts or through company transactions. For cash deals, we like using Euros, the 500 Euro bill because of it’s value and the fact that you can conceal large amounts in a small space.

Many things can happen for international exports, sometimes the product can get confiscated. Most times, when this happens, the sender will give 50% credit to the buyer for the next purchase, then they will resend it again. This is why drug dealers like to send multiple shipments so that if one gets caught, that package gets all the attention from the cops, keeping the other shipments safe. 


Kenny K.



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