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How Asian Organized Crime Performs

Asian Organized Crime is the best, and as criminals, we should incorporate their philosophy. The way they work and how they operate is immaculate, a far cry from how America does it, and why no real long lasting criminal organization exists in America aside from the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Throughout the years the Chinese have silently built up a power base, so strong that it keeps on growing. Soon, their global empire will reach every neighborhood in the world without anyone ever knowing.

In every Chinatown that you go to, there’s always something going on. This is a place that’s shrouded in mystery, nobody talks nor cares about what these mobsters do. Asian citizens are the best because they mind their own business, they remain silent because they want no part of it, that’s why there’s no witnesses that come out. It’s the same thing in their organizations, they think about the whole and take the hit, there’s rarely no informants. There’s a silent code in this culture and this makes it easier for criminal dynasties to operate.

Everywhere in the world, there’s a Chinatown, there’s no other country in the world that does this better than them. The Chinese have already formed a sophisticated network throughout the world, with each Chinatown connected, they’re GLOBAL. This is much bigger than the Freemasons or the Illuminati, the scale is unimaginable. With so many people involved knowingly and unknowingly, it’s an important part of the global agenda.

Many people don’t know that they exist, but that only shows how good they are. Their key to success is in dealing with their own communities, they never let outsiders in. This could be called the Great Wall of China: Impenetrable, Unbreakable, and Long Lasting. Very hard to get in.

We need to remember that the Chinese Empire has been around for centuries. This isn’t the normal organized crime that we hear about, in this case we’re dealing with Empires, Dynasties to be exact. These organizations are built to last and is a way of life for many, they have mastered all parts of the yin and yang.

They operate much differently than their American counterparts.

  • They are Global.
  • They are legit.
    • They own many legitimate companies and are shareholders of them. This makes it easy for them to integrate the 2 together.
  • They are a multi-national.
    • The home base is in China which is untouchable. The USA does not have any extradition treaties with them. All the international business decisions are run through China.
  • The Chinese are very low key, you never see them with their gang signs.
    • Americans like to be flashy and to stand out, they wear gang signs openly and with pride. This is why they get police attention and get taken down. If they were serious about building a dynasty, they would never do this.
  • They look like any other person on the streets.
    • When Chinese Criminals get money, they don’t show it around lavishly. They hide it and save it, investing it into other lucrative ventures. They watch their money grow and some even go legit.
  • They’re in union, both loyal and obedient, the lower rung respects the higher ups.
    • The Chinese think of things as a whole, it’s not about individual advancement. Each person is a tiny atom in the universe, they know their place in the grand scheme of things. They corporate and think of the future of the organization and they never act out of their own self interest.
  • They’re not afraid of dying.
    • They believe in reincarnation and that we live more than once. If they sacrifice in this life, they do not care because things will be better for them in their next life. That’s why they’re loyal because this crew will meet again and do business in the next life. That’s why they’re not afraid of taking the rep or getting sent to death. This life is just this life, there is always a next life.
  • They’re good with their money.
    • They’re disciplined and look at the bigger picture. Even the small gangsters are like this, this is because they were taught the Eastern Philosophy earlier on in their lives.
  • They incorporate the Yin and Yang in everything that they do.
    • There is balance in their way of life that doesn’t provoke the karma. As they do bad things, they also do good things to balance it out. They are whole as human beings.
  • They are patient.
    • They’re not like the Americans where they want everything now. They know that life is a long game and that everybody has their journey. They’re focused on their path and strengthening their empire, that’s why they think of everything as a whole. What’s good in the short-term may not be good in the long-term, how can the decisions of now affect your empire 50 years down the road.

If they stay true to their roots and maintain their Eastern Philosophy, they will be powerful. We understand that some of the Asian Gangsters who have moved to Europe or the Americas have gotten Westernized. This may be good for business but these gangsters must never stray from the True Eastern Philosophy. The Eastern Philosophy is a good one that must be protected. It is not corrupted yet.


Kenny K.


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