selling drugs in boom towns

Boom Towns

Booming economies are good for business, whenever you hear big companies hiring, target that area, this will bring prosperity to your business. As dealers we must be opportunistic, taking advantage of situations for our own economic benefit. If we fail to do so, we’ll miss out on precious opportunities. Our time in the game is short, we must take advantage of the current opportunities which presents itself.

We are businessmen, we travel the world and make millions of dollars, never worry about relocating. If you have read How to Sell Cocaine, you’ll have no problems in setting up shop. All you need are the proper fundamentals and the resources to do it, a good business system will do it.

Before you send people in, see if you have any connections in the area. If you have somebody that’s familiar with the area, you’ll have a head start, if not, you’ll have to do some research. The first thing to do is to do some research on the internet:

  • What kind of drugs are most common in the area?
  • What are the quantities in which dealers were caught with?
  • Which groups are running the show?
  • Are there any drug related violence?

After you did your research, you’ll get a clue about the market and what kinds of people you’ll be dealing with. Now do your research on what kinds of jobs are created and what kinds of people will be in the workforce.

  • How many white collar jobs and how many blue collar jobs?
  • What are their expected wages?
  • Are there physical labor jobs?
    • Men are most likely to fill physical labor positions. Physical labor correlates to a higher chance of drug use.

Now research the city.

  • Which races are most common?
    • This will determine the skin color of the workforce that you are sending.
  • What’s the population size?
    • The less people there are, the more infrastructure that needs to be built. This means that there will have to be construction workers to build those houses. Construction workers are very good customers as well.
  • What kinds of amenities do they have?
    • The smaller the town, the less stuff to do which equals more drug use.
  • Is it fairly easy to get to?
    • Consider that some boom towns are hard to get to, some you can only access via airplane. According to how difficult it is to access, the price of drugs can go up.

After you did your research and if all feels good, send your crew in. You’ll need a couple of drug runners and a manager, at least 5 will be good. You choose whether you want to sell retail or wholesale. If it’s a small town, it’s best recommended to do retail but if it’s a bigger town, wholesale will be good.

It’s best to send some of your men disguised as potential employees so it makes it easierĀ  to get your customers. Once your business starts going, you’ll need to get used to supplying it consistently. We recommend supplying double the required amount than you’re used to if the location is very far. Once your business gets bigger, you may even want to have a storage center a little closer to town.

It is no longer of benefit to be focused on owning territories, we must be fluid in our ways, always travelling to the areas where there’s money.

Kenny K.


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