drug dealer opportunities

Other Lucrative Criminal Enterprises

First and foremost, we are drug dealers, but that doesn’t stop us from getting into other businesses. We need to keep all of our options open, it’s a dangerous place out there and we need to adjust accordingly. If the competitive landscape is getting too crowded and there’s a lot more risk, what do you do?

You have the options of:

Is it smart to stay in the same industry if there’s an extraordinary high risk?

This is a question asked by many people from around the world. The answer is that we need to diversify and to get out of the linear perspective which keeps us selling drugs. Pay attention to the opportunities which are presented and take advantage of them. If you fail to do this, you’ll get in trouble with the law or you’ll end up dead. There’s a lot more we can sell than drugs and we should know that.

You started off in drugs but there are many other lucrative ventures. If you notice a lot more violence on the streets due to more competition, what do you see? Do you just see a problem in your industry or do you see a whole another industry that you could capitalize on? People fail when they don’t see the situation from multiple perspectives.

If there’s a lot of violence on the streets, there will be more weapons. Why not sell weapons instead of drugs? Then you could get all the clientele, even your enemies will be buying from you. You need to be flexible in your approach so that you can stay ahead of the curve and make the money, at the same time protecting yourself.

Look at the bigger picture and start seeing more than the drug business. You could even set up a legitimate venture which may be more lucrative than what you are doing. This is all about money and that’s the number one reason why we chose to sell drugs. If you could make a lot more somewhere else, go for it.

What we focus on is “Risk VS Reward”. In the beginning, the risks seem to be worth the reward, but in the later stages where we already have the money, we focus on less risk. Once you work your way up, you no longer want to deal with unnecessary risks. You need to start thinking of a way to create money in another way, a much safer way.

Kenny K.


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