stolen jewellery in exchange for drugs

Stolen Goods

If you could get a gold chain for a gram, would you do it? Most dealers would pounce on this opportunity but high level dealers won’t, let’s explain why.

It’s Christmas season and if you’re dealing on the front lines, you’ll experience a lot of this: Junkies stealing other people’s stuff and trying to barter for it. This might be one of the benefits that come with the business because you can get stuff for very cheap, often for cents on the dollar, but you must be aware.

Junkies who steal for a living so that they can support their habit are watched by the cops, these people are to be avoided at all costs. A gold chain for a gram is a really good deal in the short-term, but if you look at the long-term, this is one to avoid. You might think that doing this once in awhile won’t get you in trouble but remember that all it takes is one transaction for you to get caught.

Lets look at the bigger picture here and focus on our business. These kinds of situations can land us in trouble, especially if it becomes a habit. You might think that it’s okay to do this once in awhile but when you do this, the junkies will always be phoning you, looking to get rid of their stolen goods.

Once you make yourself a haven for stolen goods, word will spread and all the thief’s in the city will be calling you. This is very risky because these customers are well known by the police, their phone lines are tapped and their movements are tracked, it will only be a matter of time before the cops get to you.

No matter how good the deal is, we highly recommend that you don’t barter for goods. If the majority of your clientele are thief’s, it’s time to change. Think like the big time dealers and focus on moving the product. The majority of our deals should come from legitimate transactions, ones that don’t involve stolen goods. If you take a look at the bigger picture, stolen goods will only account for about 10% of your income so is it really worth it?

We should focus on doing legitimate transactions and not get side-tracked by this bootlegging business. Fencing stolen goods takes time and sometimes it’s risky. We used to get a lot of gold and melt it, but thinking back, it wasn’t worth the hassle. We made more money selling legitimately than from several ounces of gold. And trust me, it was a hassle finding someone to melt it, and then to sell it on the open market.

If you still choose this path, we’ll give you some advice:

When getting stolen goods, watch out for serial numbers and avoid storing them in one location. Keep stolen goods separate from the places where you live or the places where you store your money or your drugs. Never ever use the stolen goods yourself or have them on you. When selling them, sell them out of state, preferably to a wholesaler in one shot. Selling them individually will take up a lot of time, sapping the energy that you need to sell more kilos.

If you catch any of your workers bartering for goods, get them out of it, if not, fire them. You don’t want any of this shit to catch up with you, be smart about it, short-term gains aren’t worth the risk. You don’t want any other charges when you get caught, do you?


Kenny K.

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