how to launder money

Money Laundering Season

With winter, it gets dark outside, our money doesn’t see the day of light. With tons of stacks located in your stash spots, they keep on growing, and if you don’t do anything about it, the problem will get worse. Summer has been a busy season and we must begin to launder this money before the next season arrives.

Christmas is approaching and we must take advantage of it, money laundering season is in full swing. This may be the time that some of you go on vacation but we advise against it, there’s a lot of work to do. Instead of going to these tropical destinations, you must focus on getting your money to these tropical locations.

During winter, legitimate retail commerce is booming, as professionals, we must take advantage. Many transactions going on in the winter season provides a good disguise for us. These questions come into mind: How do we integrate our dirty money into the real economy? What is a good disguise?

Go to where the merchants are, where there’s a lot of cash transactions. The guise of a retailer buying wholesale from a wholesaler is all you need. As a buyer, you only want to be dealing with cash, once you buy the goods, you’ve already cleaned your money half way. The buying part can be done by your workers, from there, your workers will stockpile the items, from there, you will sell them legitimately. Dealing with Asian businesses are most recommended.

These goods are money once you sell them, by buying wholesale, you can also profit from them legitimately. You have the option of selling these items domestically or internationally. What we want to do is to move our goods far away, away from the country that we do business in.

By moving our goods to international destinations, it will make it difficult for the investigators, and even if you do get caught trying to get the goods out of the country, what are they going to do, arrest you for moving legitimate goods, it’s way better than getting caught smuggling drugs.

There are 2 things you must do. Create a wholesale company that purchases goods from other businesses. Create a front company, an import and export company and market your goods overseas. Hire legitimate salesmen and people who are familiar with the import export business. Hire accountants from your own workforce, people who know what’s going on.

This will be your way of making it into the legitimate business sector. Over time, you’ll get used to it, import export businesses are very profitable legitimately. This might be something that you want to get into after you put an end to your drug career. One clue we will leave for you is this: China.

Read the Book Here: How to Sell Cocaine


Kenny K.



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