how to sell drugs by doing dead drops

Big Deals by Using Dead Drops

Big deals aren’t done like we’ve seen on Scarface, a suit case filled with cash and doing sketchy transactions is over. Nowadays we wire our money to off-shore banking accounts, after the payment is verified, we’re told a location to go pick up our drugs. This is called “dead drops,” no physical encounter ever occurs.

International drug smuggling routes work through “dead drops,” this is where dealers leave drugs or guns in a location like a storage locker and then give the buyer the locker combination so they can grab their stuff and leave the money behind without ever meeting in person. This is the best way to do transactions, you reduce your chances of physically getting caught.

Money can be swapped digitally but drugs can’t, drugs will always be physical no matter what. Physical dead drops are the best way to do big transactions. The reason why we never use dead drops in small deals is because we’ll run out of locations. It’ll also be harder to keep track of the deals and to manage them. With a big deal, it’s easy to manage because you’ll only need to keep track of about five of them at a time.

There are many ways to do this: Cars, bags, books, storage lockers, gym lockers, furniture, etc. Just make sure that they’re easily identifiable to the person that you’re dealing with. Also make sure that there’s a security feature such as a lock to prevent any unauthorized access to it. Choose the option that’s in plain sight which is just a regular fixture in people’s eyes. Combination codes or traps are the best for this kind of stuff because normal people won’t be able to get into them, this will have to be done through the hiring of certain professionals.

The important thing is to avoid places where there’s a lot of surveillance and to always let your other people do the work. Video footage is frowned upon if it pops up as evidence in court cases, that’s the reason why we use other people to do this work. We like to use places which we already own, places where we control the security and what goes on inside. Most of these places are legitimate businesses, one of our men is involved in them.

Obviously, we will be dealing with a higher caliber of people when we do this, this is because we never handle physical money, we only use digital currencies. Currency swaps are done through digital means through business transactions and trust funds. The people you’ll be dealing with will be more than familiar with laundering money, they’ll already have accounts and businesses which they can use as covers. If they don’t, you might have to teach them so that they’re up to par with how you operate.

As for safety, it’s much safer when doing bigger transactions. The higher up in the food chain you are, the more honorable the people will be. These people know how to get the job done, however, one fuck up could cost you your life. You must be punctual when doing business with these people, you must always get the job done. You must have alternate plans to get the transaction done if one of the options isn’t available, by doing this, you have the chance of living twice. Navigate and switch plans if necessary, sometimes there will be smooth transactions and sometimes there is not.

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Kenny K.



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