The Book “How to Sell Cocaine”

Available on Amazon

The e-book is back! Some retailers are not allowing this book to enter their bookshelves. Publishing seems to be a very political business and getting things politically correct comes first ahead of freedom of speech.

Well, we understand that they are legitimate people and only do legitimate things but lets get real, the drug industry is a necessary component to this world. Drug money makes the world go around and gives people like us a chance to prosper. My mission is for people to not get in trouble and that is more important than money. My people first, always.

We want you to be more sophisticated criminals, goal oriented criminals to be exact. We want you to succeed and move on to a better life outside of the drug game. After you read this book and get the right mindset, we will get into more technical stuff later in the second edition. 

The physical version of this book is sold here:

Available on Amazon

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