fuck the cops

Never Talk When Cops Question You

I know some of you, the cops in your country are very easy to deal with, but in America, they are not. American cops for whatever reasons do not take bribes. They must be stupid because they’re missing out on the money but these folks seem to take pride in what they do which is unbelievable since their very own government is the one running the drug enterprise.

Any type of information is power and you should never give that away, especially to cops. American cops will use any dirty tactic to get you to talk, they will use fake stories, they will get you to be emotional, and they may manipulate you to saying what they want you to say. They are a bunch of manipulative con-men and they are very good at it.

We must be very careful when dealing with these folks, they are like women, they never forget what you say. Everything that you say can be used against you in court which is very dangerous for us when we have our back against the walls. We need to get used to these situations and handle them like a pro.

Same as a dog handler handles his dogs, we must handle the cops the same way.

  1. Always maintain your composure, everything will be fine.
  2. Never believe what they say. They are not human. They are animals.
  3. Don’t speak a word. Close your eyes and block everything out.
  4. When they read you your rights, never answer that question. Don’t even acknowledge them.
  5. When they take you to the police station, ask for a lawyer.

Pretty simple right, but when shit hits the fan, some people actually crack. This is what separates the real professionals from the amateurs. The key thing is not to open your mouth. Some of these cops will manipulate the story and will twist the story on you, when this happens, never lose your cool, just brush it off.

One time me and my associate got arrested, we were both solid, but at the police station, the cop would come up to me and say that my associate ratted me out. At first, I got enraged because for a moment I thought it was true, but after looking at the officer, I could tell that he was lying. I didn’t say shit, I just smiled at the officer and turned my back to him.

The next day we got released, I meet with my associate and we go over the situation. He didn’t say shit and I didn’t say shit. The cops were just playing games on us to see if we would crack. American cops play dirty tricks like this to get people to talk. If you ever get arrested, don’t say shit, and if you go to jail, don’t bring anyone else down with you. Your responsibilities are your responsibilities, you already knew the risks coming into this business. If you talk, we will kill you and your family, just understand that. This is very serious in this sense, no cowards allowed in this business.

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Kenny K.


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