never get caught in the cycle of violence

Don’t Get Caught in the Cycle of Violence

The game is a treacherous place where anything can go wrong at any moment. There are many temptations and false opportunities that one must watch out for. What one must realize is to not fall for these traps because once you do, you’ll be going in a downward spiral.

Karma is a bitch and risky moves gets attention from the cops and rival groups. One must walk a fine line of behaving themselves, at the same time being able to defend themselves. If someone pulls a punk move on you, you must finish them. People get what they deserve but we must keep our cool and do things professionally.

Never disturb the public, drive by shootings and public showings of violence are a thing of the past and only shed light to our criminal activities. If there are any gang wars, we do it discreetly, behind the scenes. Nobody needs to know what we are fighting about, causing unnecessary attention is only child’s play.

We see many kids who are too scared to kill nowadays, this causes them to act out of fear and to do such stupid things as drive by shootings. These things don’t work and the surprise aspect of our attacks disappears when we do this. Instead of drive by shootings, do a home invasion, capture these folks, and bring them to a different location. Do this in one shot the professional way, this way it’s easier. From there, interrogate them, get all the information you need, and finish them off. Once you’re in a secured location, you have more time to plan where to dump the bodies.

Many people fall for the trap of committing violence in outlandish ways, however, that only leads to their downfall. What we need to realize is that once the cops latch on, they don’t let go, they’ll stick to you and bust your entire operations if you keep on going. That is our number one concern as criminals because once they conduct a major bust, we need to reorganize and start from scratch.

There are many groups out there who commit unethical acts but they create many enemies so a war erupts. Never get caught up in this shit because once a war starts, there will be cops watching. Think about it, even if you win the war, it doesn’t matter because the cops will bust you. We need to remember that we are goal oriented criminals, not career oriented criminals. We don’t intend to live this life for very long, this is just a stepping stone to where we want to go.

Career oriented criminals have a very short life span, we never want to be one of them. These people are not thinking about their future and think that they could do this forever. It’s very foolish of them because that’s not the way to play the game correctly. We go in, make our money, and get out and do legit stuff. That’s the way to do things properly.

There are many scum in the criminal underworld and you don’t want to associate with these people for very long. That’s why you work hard, make your money, and say good bye to everything. What you want from your future is to hang around with high class people, who are much different from the kinds of people you’re currently dealing with.

The temptations of the game are as follows:

  • Temptation to rip people off
  • Temptation to kill in outlandish ways
  • Temptation to bring attention
  • Temptation for war

All of this can be diffused by letting go of your ego. It’ll make it easier if you have a plan for your future because it will prevent you from doing stupid things. You don’t want to be known as a gangster, you want to be known for something else later in your future. Never follow the stereotypes that you see on TV, some of those folks are just too ghetto, you don’t need to be one of them. We are more sophisticated than that. Give yourself 2-3 years to stack the money and get out.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.



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