medical marijuana vs the black market

How Legal Weed is Affecting Drug Dealers

The government is taking our money away by making marijuana legit. We understand that they want more tax dollars but what use is more money if they don’t even know how to run a country. Instead of looking for new ways to make money off of people, they should look for ways to become more efficient with their money and resources.

Since the government holds the power, we need to find a way to deal through this. These are the facts: By making marijuana legal, there are thousands of dispensaries out there slanging people weed. There are thousands of domestic farmers who are producing the output but still that is not enough. Americans smoke more weed than they make, so they always need to import it from other countries, that is unless they get more farmers to grow.

We need to observe how the market is going. The price per pound on the streets has fallen drastically. The black market growers see less profit and choose not to grow. This creates opportunities for growers in 3rd world countries to export their product. What we can do is to go in their countries, establish a connection, teach them how to grow and distribute it through your network of 1st world countries.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Check out the price per pound throughout your country, you can even make money from moving weed in your own country. If you move enough weight, that could be a profitable venture for you. Pick up from 3rd world countries, distribute it to your home base, and export East for even more profits.

By using this strategy, you’ll be purchasing kilograms for cheap, and creating an even bigger markup on your profits, tax free. This will be the way of the future if legal weed doesn’t keep pace with the emerging trends. Our obvious wish was for legal weed to go away, but we have found a way to adapt, utilizing this in our strategies.

Since marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, many credit card companies won’t deal with dispensaries. The end result is that it creates a multi-billion dollar cash market which is perfect for laundering money. Cash businesses mean less reported profit, which is a good opportunity for all money launderers.

Although the government doesn’t see it, they’re providing fertile ground for us in the future. Like they say, marijuana is a gateway drug which leads people to take other drugs. If legal weed keeps on going, we’ll see more people taking other drugs, all of which we can supply them with. In the near future, there will be an enormous amount of junkies in America, and there will come a golden age. Before then, we must configure the new logistics and control the prices, so that we can make even more profit in the future.

If you were in the weed business before, your sales have been offset by the competition from the legal dispensaries. To make up for this, own as many legal dispensaries as you can. This is your business and you must take control of it. Pay the government some tax and they’ll let you go.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.


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