Crime Beat Radio Show Hosted by Ron Chepesiuk. Featuring Kenny K. one of the smartest drug dealers in the business

Going on the Radio Show: Crime Beat October 5th: 8pm E.T.

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Most recently, my e-book got taken off the bookshelves on Kindle. Why did they do this, I do not know, maybe they’re trying to shut me down before I go on the radio show on October 5. But anyways, I’m working on it. You’ll still be able to find the physical book on Amazon: How to Sell Cocaine #1 Introduction to the Business

My wish is for all of you to be successful and to make the money and to get out of it. And if we’re lucky, we may even be doing business with each other legit, without even knowing it.

If you want to listen on the radio show, you can listen to it by clicking here:

LIVE October 5, Thursday @ 8PM Eastern Time

Encore Show on Saturday @ 9PM Eastern Time

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The Radio Show is on Crime Beat, hosted by Ron Chepesiuk, re-known Author and Film Maker.

Reach your goals faster so you can exit the game faster. The faster that we hustle and get shit done, the more freedom we can experience on the other side. We are goal-oriented criminals, not life-long criminals, we want to exit the game with our money and our life intact.

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Kenny K.

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