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Types of Money

Money is the one component that we must have to be in business. If they take it away, our business would be crippled. Without it, we would not be able to buy our product, pay our employees, or pay for other business expenses.

Cash is king in the illegal industries. Cash forfeitures slows down our business and grinds it to a halt. This is the prize that we worked so hard for so we must do everything in order to protect it.

There are 3 kinds of money:

  1. Physical Money- Dollar bills
    • Holding on to physical money is by far the riskiest. Since you cannot put a name to money, the owner can change hands in an instant. All they have to do is take it and they can lay claims to it. This is a dog eat dog world but we need physical money to do drug transactions. The benefits of using physical money is that it leaves no paper trail.
  2. Stored Money- Money in banks, trust accounts, off-shore accounts, credit cards, etc.
    • Holding on to too much physical money is risky. That is why we like keeping some of our money in accounts where it cannot be easily removed. However one must be careful not to put it under their names. There must be a front-man for each of these accounts so that your true identity isn’t revealed. The good thing about stored money is that it is readily accessible, it turns into physical money real fast. For bank accounts, do not put in more than $10,000 at a time.
  3. Digital Money- Crypto-currencies
    • The safest kind of money. Consider this your retirement fund. Once you put it in, you should scarcely pull it out. Have many different accounts to purchase these. Although there are many different types of currencies popping up, our advice is to go with the big ones which the big countries use.

In the future, the drug business will migrate to the use of Crypto-currencies. Right now we are at the mid-point where the use of physical cash is still majority. Being anonymous is a criminal’s duty and we must be aware of how to be one.

Protect yourselves by diversifying your holdings. We use 40/30/30 because we are more conservative. Also keep in mind that our business is steady, we do not push for crazy growth. What 40/30/30 means is that we hold 40% of our money in physical money, 30% in stored money, and the remaining 30% in digital money.

If you are a company that is geared towards growth, you must hold more physical money than any other kinds of money. Physical money is very necessary at the growth stage because the volume that you pick up will look different each time. However, if your business is more stable, you will know exactly how much physical cash to hold and how much to put away.

Another important thing is to divide your money. Dividing money means to hold portions of your money in different places. For instance, if you have $500,000 in physical cash, you would like to divide it into 5. Then you would have to hide that money in 5 different places, each holding $100,000. This way if you lose one, you’re still left with $400,000.

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