counterfeit bills

Counterfeit Bills

Counterfeit bills are a common occurrence as the printing technology continues to improve. As drug dealers, we must all be aware of these fake bills because our business is a cash-only business (aside from bit-coin). The current bills which are getting rampant are $50s and $100s. Click here to find out how to detect fakes. 

Anyways, we need to train our employees to spot these fakes. We must also ensure that our employees are responsible if they are to bring any counterfeit bills back to us. If there are any counterfeit bills that they bring back to us, we must put them responsible to make up for the loss. This will give them the incentive to collect only correct money.

Your front lines must be properly trained so that their effort does not go to waste. It sucks if they work so hard and most of it was counterfeit, so you must train them well. We often spot counterfeit bills in these situations:

When a New Bill Comes to Market

When a new bill comes on to the market, no one knows what it looks like yet, and even if people know, they’re not too familiar with it. This is the perfect time that crooks produce the counterfeits. Be especially aware during this time because most drug dealers only have recycled cash, they rarely have new bills.

When Doing International Deals

If your currency is not the same as their currency, you will not be familiar with their bills. This is when you’re the most vulnerable. When doing international deals, prefer to go with your country’s money instead. If they refuse to, there may be something wrong. In the Americas, American currency is most preferred.

Doing Regular Deals

Some savvy dealers have learned to slip in a few of these bills in large transactions hoping that we won’t spot them. For every $10,000, they may slip in a $100 or so into the mix. We understand that this is a petty move but this does happen. Every dollar counts in this business and if they continue doing this, it begins to add up. Do random checks on their money to see if they come up correctly.

Money Launderers

Some money launderers may claim that there were a few counterfeit bills inside of the mix. Just in case this happens, always do a thorough check before you hand your money to them. This does happen and we need to do everything in order to stop this.

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