how to start a crack house

The Best Place to Sell Drugs

The best place to sell cocaine differs if you’re a retailer or a wholesaler. The reason it differs is because of the types of volume each business deals with. For the retail drug runners, the deals range from 0.5g to 3.5g and go to end-users. For wholesalers, the deals range from ounces to kilos and go to the other dealers who sell it themselves. As you can see, the places you sell will differ depending on what business you are in, so lets take a look at the drug runner’s side.

The retailer drug runner’s main concern is efficiency, speed of delivery is very important to them, especially during peak hours. Drug runners do hundreds of transactions per day and when they do this many transactions, they are prone to getting careless. The most dangerous is when they begin to take shortcuts, leaving their fate to luck.

If you’re a drug runner, you must realize that this is the riskiest position available. No matter how busy you are, you must always think safety first and never forget to take the proper precautions. When your phones are blowing up, remember these things when meeting your customers.

Go to Your Customer’s House

The best place to do deals is inside of your customer’s house. This is a safe and secure place that no one can see what you are doing. It might take an extra 1 to 2 minutes to do the deal but you can count on us that this is the best place to do business. If the cops come, you have no need to worry because you have the time to flush your drugs down the toilet.

However, be wary if the house is a known drug house. In this scenario, it is best to meet the customers at least one block away from the house. Make sure that they are not being followed and meet them in a quiet, inconspicuous street.

Never Do Deals Out in the Open

As a runner, you never want to do deals out in the open. Never meet in public places such as shopping mall parking lots or on main artery roads. We understand that these are very popular spots to do business but avoid them as much as possible. There are too many eyes watching and you never know who might be watching.

Avoid Window Deals as Much as Possible

Many dealers do window deals to save them time when the phone’s blowing up. Just understand that you shouldn’t be doing it all the time. If you’re not busy, you shouldn’t be doing window deals at all. Also understand that if the cops ever catch you doing window deals, it gives them a reason to pull you over.

Pick Up Your Customers as a Passenger

If your only option is to meet your customer on the streets, pick them up and disguise it so that it makes you look like you’re giving them a ride. Pick them up, drive them down the block, do the transaction inside of the car, and drop them off at a different location. By doing it this way, it’s not that obvious.

Change Up Your Meeting Spots

It’s not good to meet at the same place all the time. Switch up your locations so that you’re not that obvious. If a spot gets heated out, the cops may start camping out there. If this is the case, train your customers to meet in different spots, preferably a block or two away. Change spots frequently.

Use the For Sale Real Estate Signs

If your customers are mobile, tell them to meet you somewhere. The best place to meet if your customer has a car is in quiet residential blocks. Choose side roads. Never meet on any main roads or parking lots. If there is a real estate sign on one of the houses, park in front of it and tell them to meet there. Use these “For Sale” signs to your advantage. This will make it blend in because the neighbors are used to unknown traffic around the house.

Public Restrooms

No porta potties. We’re talking about public restrooms here. You can flush the drugs if there’s cops there. It is the perfect place if there’s no people. If the washroom is too full, wait or go to another place. Just don’t make it too obvious.

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Kenny K.


  1. The best place to sell cocaine if you’re a retailer selling 3.5 or less, is strip clubs. Those girls make money everytime they go on stage, or do a lap dance, etc.

    They will also turn you on to the customers and staff that indulge. Also, you are indoors, not driving around with product or meeting people in random locations.


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