how to cook crack cocaine

Cooking Crack Checklist

Crack is where we make our money and if you already haven’t, you need to learn how to cook it yourself. Never ever pick up product that is already cooked because you won’t know the purity or what it is mixed with.

Cooking up is very easy. Many people buff it and stretches the product but we find that it lowers the quality of the customer’s high. Our philosophy is to sell the purest product possible to the final consumer. We want them to experience a potent clean high which they can’t get anywhere else. This will mean more repeat business and our product moving faster.

The first thing you need to do is to get the cocaine, water, baking soda, a pyrex glass, and a pot. As for baking soda, we recommend buying the freshest baking soda available in the store. Check for the expiry dates and never use the same baking soda over again. You will notice that the fresher it is, the more it will react.

For the pyrex glass, this is where we’ll put all of our product in. Don’t use any other types of glass because you don’t want the glass to break. The glass will come into contact with a large amount of heat so by using pyrex, you will be a 100% safe. We recommend using the kitchenware ones or the old school coffee maker jugs.

Before you buy the product, check for purity. Buy at least a gram of soft or let them just give it to you. There are 3 simple methods in which you can check for purity. The first quick method is to smear the cocaine onto a flat surface and look over it with a magnifying glass. The surface should be nice and smooth, uniform and consistent.

The second method is to get a clear cup, put some water in it, and put the cocaine in it. The faster that it dissolves, the more pure it is. You will see all the impurities float to the top. If it dissolves slowly, you will know that there is something in it. Pure stuff should dissolve in an instant.

The third method is to cook it clean. By cooking the product, you will be able to calculate how much you get back. Good stuff should be at least 90% and above. The rest of the stuff is written in Book #2 that is coming out soon. If you guys already know how to cook, use these simple tips to help you on your journey.

Read the book today. Click here for the link.

Get an edge over your competition. 

Best Regards,

Kenny K.



  1. They say real estate has made the most millionaires in the legit business world. Well, cocaine (powder) has made the most millionaires in the drug business world.

    Crack is a “hood” drug. Cocaine is an international drug.

    Follow the blueprint that’s already been laid out by the best. Never in the history of drug trafficking have you heard of cartels or any other large multinational organization cooking crack and exporting it.

    They export cocaine because that’s where the real money is.


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