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Assess Your Operations

We’re midway into the summer and we should all be seeing our businesses flourishing. If you’re not, you should really step it up because this is the time where we establish ourselves for the winter. Summer is a time when all things grow, this means that you should too.

The smart dealers grow their business during the summer and focus on laundering money in the winter. By winter time, their business is on auto-pilot, raking in the cash. This should be you.

The most important thing about summer is new customer acquisitions. This is the season where everybody is social and this makes it easier for us to establish new connections. It will also make it easier for you to remember your customer’s faces because the sun is up until late. If you are in retail, you should be prospecting 5 new customers per week. If you are in wholesale, you should be prospecting 1 new customer per week. Set goals for yourself and establish new benchmarks.

When you establish new contacts, remember to train them how to do business with you. The summer should be used as a trial period. Your customers should have full paper and meet in designated meeting places. If you train your customers properly during the first couple of transactions, you will have an easier time doing business. This will increase your efficiency because you will not waste time doing business that you don’t like.

Let me explain why we hate new customer acquisitions during the winter. First, it is hard to track the customer’s movement. If you’re living in a city where the weather gets bad, it makes it difficult for your people to follow them. We always keep an eye on our new customers. We also get our junkies to provide us with intel.

Second, some cops in some jurisdictions have quotas to fill. With the year-end approaching, it may cause them to take down a couple of groups. Winter time is the time to lay low and focus on laundering your money. You should also be improving on your efficiency and your security during this time.

Go hard and be smart because summer is the time to take your business to the next level. Each year we must grow to keep our momentum going. Once you get the engine going, you shouldn’t stop. You are a money making machine. Just remember to call it quits once you reach your goal. We can never be in the game forever and we should understand that. The game is only a tool for us to make money temporarily so that it can bring us back on our feet.

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Kenny K.

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