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Strategies of Becoming a Wholesaler

So you want to go from a street dealer to a key pusher. First off, you must have good connections where you can compete on quality and price. You know what dealers look for right? They look for quality first. Price is secondary. It’s always good to have a minimum of 2 suppliers for insurance purposes but you must order from them in tandem so that you keep both relationships going. Also remember that if you choose to become a wholesaler, you must not nickel and dime.
Strategy 1
If you live in a big city, the customers are already taken. They are other dealer’s customers and if you happen to take their market share, they may retaliate. However, if you have an competitive edge over their wholesalers with quality and price, you can turn the tables around and flip to their wholesalers. For this strategy to work, you must be able to secure a massive quantity. Wholesalers are in it to make money and if you are able to make them more, they will take the bite. As long as you don’t take their customers, it’s all good. Supply the wholesalers and make them do the distribution for you.
To execute this strategy, you must establish a connection with a dealer, preferably through mutual connections. From there, ask the dealer to introduce you to their supplier. Often times, you will run into dealers who want to prove their value to their supplier. These people are easy, but for the people who continue to keep their supplier away from you, focus on the people around them to introduce the supplier to you. You must do this discreetly by building relationships with them first. Repeat this pattern until you reach the wholesaler. Oftentimes, before you reach the big bosses, you will only come in contact with the managers. Submit your business proposal to them and let them relay it to their boss.
Strategy 2
Start and run a couple of drug lines, or buy other people’s lines. Make sure that each of your lines are moving a couple of kilos per week. Next, sell those lines to other dealers and supply them with the product. This way, you money both ways, 1) by selling the lines and 2) by becoming their supplier.
Strategy 3
Supply small towns which are farthest from the city. Often times the supply in these places are dry and there are only a handful of dealers. The dealers there usually take trips to the big city to pick up. Instead, reverse the trend and go directly to them. These should be tourist towns or industry towns. Again, through a mutual connection, find the dealers there. Everybody knows everybody in these small towns and if one of your crew came from these places, they will always know the bad kids in their towns. Once you establish a solid connection that is trustworthy, make that connection a distribution manager for that particular town.
In short, you have to go through mutual connections. From the dealer, you get introduced to their supplier. From their supplier, you get introduced to their supplier. And from there, you get introduced to the wholesaler. The people who keep the connections to themselves are called dead ends. If you ever run into these people, go through the people around them. The key is to do it without them noticing.

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