selling drugs in small towns

Rural Towns

If you want to expand your business without having to resort to warfare, rural towns will be your best bet. These towns are places such as vacation towns or places where there’s industry. A lot of these residents have nothing else to do other than to get drunk or get high, which will be your perfect opportunity. The farther out you go, the more opportunities there will be.

Dealers in these areas often take road trips to the big cities to pick up, you can reverse this trend by going directly to them. Start off by using your mutual connections, aka, a friend of a friend. This way, you will know that you’re customer base is solid. Usually in these small towns, everybody knows the bad kid. It is your mission to find the people who are cool with these bad kids.

It is very easy to cut off other wholesalers if you deliver directly to these dealers. The only risk is transportation, but it has to be worth it. The market in these towns must be big enough so that it makes financial sense. If you are to go at it, work at a couple of small towns at a time so that you can save yourself multiple trips.

The dealers from these rural areas are scared of the dealers from the big cities. This is because they see themselves as being inferior to the city people. Use this psychological edge as your advantage and flex your muscles when you need to.

The thing about these small towns are that you can pretty much set any price that you want, but it must be a fair price for them. Ask them what they picked up for before and add a couple grand to that. The thing is, if you have superior quality, these dealers will pay for it. You will observe multiple occasions where you find that they are picking up bunk when they go to the big cities.

The profit margins are much higher for these cities, but one must be aware that they are small towns and that word spreads like wildfire. That is why you must pick a local to run the show for you. If you begin getting noticed by the locals, the cops will be on to you. But if you get the locals to handle the business for you, everything will work seamlessly. Appoint a branch manager right away once you find the right candidate and set up a schedule of the delivery dates.

Get an edge over your competition. 


Kenny K.




    1. Find a local person. You’ll get noticed in small towns easily, also with the cops so keep it low key. Get a local guy to sell it for you, or make the drive out of town somewhere when picking up. That way, you won’t have to enter the town. Also ask yourself, is a small town of 5000 people profitable?


      1. How do I do that? I’m thinking going there & chilling at the bars , shady places and talking to ppl in town in general. Like I’m going to get to town and get a room & walk around with strap and food on me, or what do you think is better?


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